Pit Boss Austin XL Review

Pit Boss Austin XL Review

Pit Boss is a top BBQ grill manufacturer and for good reason. Their products are high quality and affordable. The Austin XL is one of their newest grills and it’s quickly becoming a favorite among consumers. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at the features of the Austin XL and see how it stacks up against the competition. We’ll also give you our opinion on whether or not we think it’s worth buying. So, if you’re considering purchasing a Pit Boss grill, keep reading!


Size And Construction

We couldn’t help but notice the size of this grill when we first saw it. It’s about 62 inches tall and weighs 181 pounds, so you’ll need some assistance setting up your new pellet smoker! Thankfully for us though as soon as these wheels came into play – all became mobile which saved plenty time in getting everything ready-and running smoothly at home or on location without any hassle whatsoever.

This grill is great for cooking burgers. You can cook up to 52 at a time on this impressive unit, and there are over 1000 square inches of grilling space! The stainless steel side shelf provides extra room in your kitchen too- it’s similar size as our pick from Traeger (with more options).

The removable parts make cleaning easy: all you have doe sis wash them off with soap water or let us do it while we deliver fresh lit coals right away so that no dirt gets stuck between those sleek metal plates.

The heavy duty steel body of this pellet smoker makes it one the most durable Pit Boss grills around. It also has a porcelain coating that makes cleanup after use easy, as well!

The hood of this pellet smoker is thin and doesn’t insulate well. This can lead to temperature fluctuations inside your cooking area which could affect how long you need for certain recipes–especially ones that require high heat or slow-cooking methods in order not to ruin meat by overcooking it!

The Pit Boss Austin XL smoker provides an excellent means for cooking food over indirect heat. The fire cup allows you to quickly heating up pellets and achieving high temperatures, which in turn produces meat with a rich flavor thanks its superior insulation properties compared other types such as preferrred steel or aluminum roofs found on many smokers today

It also features versatility since users have several options when utilizing their own personal device including slow-cooking methods that require less commitment time than otherods do–perfect if there’s only one person eating at home while another goes out job hunting!


We seek to see if the Pit Boss Austin XL was as good at firewood, has a wide temperature range of cooking possibilities with its flame broiler feature. It also needs easy use and all-inclusive safety features for your convenience!

The hopper is a marvel of engineering and the pellets feed the fire pot quickly. You can adjust temperature to accommodate your needs, but once you get going with Pit Boss Austin it will produce clear smoke from its giant 31-pound capacity as well!

The temperature range on this fire pit is impressive, with an adjustable dial to choose from pre-defined levels.

With this control, we had trouble with the pre-defined temperature not having midway settings. For example; 250°F goes up to 300 but no 275 which meant extra calculations for recipes that recommend 375 degrees as best grill temperatures – Pit Boss AustinXLpellet grills’ accurate and consistent range made these issues obsolete though!

The person who have never used wood pellet grills that this smoker is great for them. It has a lot of advantageous features, like the temperature settings and self-acting delivery – making it easy to use even if you’re new!

This grill is a favorite of ours because it has both indoor and outdoor cooking capabilities. The grate can be removed to expose flames for direct grilling, but if you want smoke instead then slide back that plate! The porcelain coated surface works well with indirect heat too-just make sure not let anything touch so as avoid an unfortunate accident.

Smoking And Grilling

The Pit Boss Austin XL is like having 1,000 square inches of cooking space for all your family’s needs. It can do low and slow to high heat in just about any condition you put it through with its wide temperature range! You’ll be able take care if those large groups without feeling overcooked by using this reliable gas grill or restoring old memories on that first date back after years apart.

When it comes to smoking, the top rack of this smoker is just as good as any other. The two-level cooking space allows for even heat distribution and better food preparation with its convection fans that keep things cool inside!

The Austin XL pellet grill is the perfect size for families, with it’s easy to use features and reliable temperature regulation. It doesn’t come complete WiFi but you can still get your food smoking by using auto start/stop technology paired up large 31 pound hopper that will keep on burning until its done!

Unlike Pit Boss’s vertical pellet smokers, the hopper on this model will give you 12-14 hours of smoke time in normal weather conditions. 31 pounds can hold itself up for about 18 to 20 continuous smoked sessions at 225°F before needing some extra attention with regards to keeping its temperature steady and replenishing those burnt out wood chunks!

With its V3 Digital Control Board, the Pit Boss AustinXL is a reliable cooking machine. It can maintain your set temperature even in cooler weather conditions and will not over- or undercook food as easily due to its advanced technology!

The Pit Boss Austin XL is a great grill for those who want to cook over open flame as well. The extra-wide grates allow you not only high heat cooking but also searing and caramelizing foods on top of the fire, which we think tastes better than any other method!

With this pellet smoker, you can cook up a quick and tasty burger for your mid-week meals.


The grill has a five-year warranty, so you can get all the replacement parts your heart desires.

This means that for two whole years after buying this product from Pits Boss in Austin Texas- not only will they send out new pieces when necessary but also provide extra ones just because their customer is loyal!

The grill is quite sturdy, but the important thing to know is the warranty doesn’t oxidation and cover rust if they don’t compromise its structure. Additionally mishandling your unit can void any warranties so do not use abrasive cleaners when cleaning!


– Big cooking capacity for large families. 

– Durable construction that will last through years of use.

– Cook anything you want, any way you want.

– Spend less time tending to your grill and more time enjoying your backyard.

– Cooks food evenly and thoroughly.

– Food tastes better because it’s cooked in its own juices.

– The pellets will clean out the ash for you.

– You’ll never have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night again.

– Get accurate readings of your food’s temperature.

– Enjoy peace of mind with a 5 year warranty.


– The product needs to be cleaned manually.

– It does not have WiFi capabilities.


  • Brand: PIT BOSS
  • Power Source: Wood pellet
  • Color: Black/Bronze
  • Cooking capacity: 930 sq. in.
  • Pellet hopper capacity: 31 lbs
  • Heat range: 150 – 500 F
  • Fuel type: Wood pellet
  • Model: PB1000XLW1
  • Dimensions: 62.4″(W) x 25.8″(D) x 28.23″(H)
  • Weight: 181 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years



What Is A Wood Pellet Smoker?

A wood pellet smoker is a modern, clean-burning type of outdoor barbecue grill that uses wood pellets in place of solid charcoal. The grill works by burning small, cylindrical pieces of compressed sawdust until they are reduced to ash. Wood pellet smokers generally have automated controls, so almost anyone can produce professional results right at home.

Pellet smokers are often referred to as pellet grills, since they are similar in size and shape. However, the main difference is that a pellet grill usually has an open flame.

Wood pellet smokers can be used for smoking meat, fish, seafood and even vegetables! The clean-burning nature of wood pellets ensures that the smoke they produce will add a delicious flavor to whatever you’re cooking.

What Types Of Pellets Are There?

There are two main types of wood pellets: hardwood and softwood. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates the standards for each type, so there is no difference between them in terms of quality or safety.

Hardwood pellets are made from oak, hickory, cherry, maple, walnut and other fruit trees. They work best for grilling meat with bold flavors like beef or lamb.

Softwood pellets come from pine needles, bark or ground up branches. These tend to be better suited to fish and poultry because they give food a light flavor without overpowering it. 

How Do I Use A Pellet Smoker?

When you’re using a pellet smoker, your first step should be choosing what kind of wood pellets you want to use. There are a few important things to bear in mind when making this decision, including what you’re going to be cooking and how much smoke flavor you want to add.

Hardwood pellets tend to burn hotter than softwood pellets, so be sure your recipe calls for the kind that produces more heat. You can also mix flavors together or have separate bins filled with different types of pellets. For example, you could use a mixture of apple and hickory on one grill to flavor your meat with a smoky taste while giving vegetables a sweet taste from cherry wood chips.

Wood pellets come in various sizes depending on which type they are and how hot they burn. If you plan on smoking large amounts, buy extra-large pellets so you won’t have to fill the smoker as frequently. The same goes for smoking small amounts – you’ll want small or medium-sized pellets to minimize waste and maximize flavor.

You can also buy hardwood sawdust, which is often referred to as “lump charcoal” by grillers. Lump charcoal burns hotter than wood pellets but lasts longer, which makes it ideal for long cooks that require constant heat. Lump charcoal is generally made from cherry, hickory, oak, mesquite or other fruit trees.

Unlike lump charcoal, wood pellet smoke does not produce any ash at all during the cooking process. Instead, the only residue leftover are grains of carbonized sawdust called “coals.” This makes them easier to clean up than standard briquettes, which often leave ash residue on your grill grate.

Wood pellets work best for low and slow cooking techniques like smoking, grilling or braising. Use a wood pellet smoker when you want rich flavor without any charring or burning in your food . Wood heat is eminently controllable by adjusting the flow of oxygen through the vents , so you can produce different flavors simply by changing how much air gets into the firebox. 

Does A Pellet Smoker Produce As Much Smoke As Other Grills? 

Yes! In fact, some studies have shown that hardwood pellet smokers produce 10 times more smoke per BTU compared to propane gas smokers . 

Experts often say that smoke is like “flavor currency,” and that’s why food tastes so good when it has a nice smoky taste to it. If you want amazing, smoked dishes without the hassle of tending a fire all day, then an electric wood pellet smoker is definitely for you!

How Much Does A Pellet Smoker Cost?

If you’re just getting started in smoking meats, then one of the best ways to get started is with an electric smoker. Electric smokers are easier to use than conventional smokers while producing the same results . 

You can even find way cheaper pellet smokers than other types , but they still provide enough cooking space and features for your family to enjoy delicious smoked meals every single day.

There Benefits Of Using Wood Pellet Smoker?

Wood pellet smokers are not only easy to use, but they also produce great tasting food every time . They even have a couple unique benefits that other types of smokers can’t provide.

One obvious benefit is the lack of smoke residue on your clothes and skin . Since wood pellets don’t burn long enough to produce any ash or residue , you won’t smell like a campfire when you’re done cooking.

Another advantage you’ll find with an electric wood pellet smoker is how evenly it cooks foods – just like standard ovens! Most models come equipped with multiple racks so they can accommodate large cuts of meat without leaving too much empty space uncovered. You do not need to flip the chicken breasts over halfway through smoking them because this type of smoker does a fantastic job of cooking them thoroughly.

What Are The Disadvantages?

One of the biggest disadvantages with pellet smokers is that they have a much smaller smoking area than charcoal or gas grills. This means that it takes longer to get the food ready, which isn’t ideal if you’ve got a big party to cook for! Pellet smokers also tend to be slightly more expensive than standard barbeques, so they aren’t good for beginners on a budget.

Where To Buy Wood Pellets For Your Smoker?

Pellets are available from most hardware stores and specialist outdoor barbecue retailers. We recommend looking online before you purchase your pellets in store, as many websites offer discount prices for high volumes of pellets.

Pretty much any home improvement store will stock wood pellets. However, we recommend that you visit your local hardware or barbecue supply shop instead. There you’ll be able to inspect the quality of the pellets for yourself and ask questions about which variety would suit your machine best. Most stores will be happy to help!

Pellet smokers provide a cost-effective and convenient outdoor cooking solution for both beginners and experienced grillers alike. Most models can also cook food in temperatures up to 500 degrees Farenheit, making them perfect for high-temperature grilling . While pellet smokers do not produce the same mouthwatering smell as charcoal grills , they are versatile enough to handle almost any dish you can throw at them!

Wood pellet smokers are a great choice for anyone who wants to be able to cook an impressive feast, even if they only have limited outdoor barbecue experience. This guide should help you decide which type of wood pellet smoker is best suited to your cooking needs. 

How does a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill Work?

Typically there are 3 different types of heating systems used in pellet cookers:

  1. Fan Assisted- a fan blows the pellets into a burner that heats up and then sends heat and smoke upwards to warm your food
  2. Bottom Feeder/Basket System- This heating system is similar to the Top Feeder but instead of pushing the wood pellets to an auger, they fall by gravity through channels in your grill (like your charcoal grill). These types of pellet smokers are known for delivering exceptional flavor but require more attention because you need to constantly monitor and refill their hopper. The taste from these smokers comes from both lid and drippings dripping onto hot coals that send flavorful smoke upwards towards your food.
  3. Side Feeder- This type of smoker is primarily used for reverse seared meats (i.e. steak, pork shoulder, etc). It’s known as the Side Feeder because it provides an extra rack to support your food and allows easy access to your wood pellets and water (if you use one). You can also choose to purchase a tray that sits right on top of your drip pan and holds all those delicious drippings for basting or making sauces.

What are the Benefits of Cooking with a Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill? 

– Clean up will never be an issue since there is no grease or grime from charcoal.

– Because this is a charcoal free cooking method you never have to worry about the soot produced from burning charcoal.

– You can cook virtually anything with a pellet smoker including but not limited to pizza, brisket, turkey, ribs, ham and veggies.

How much smoke does the Austin XL produce?

Not sure how much smoke – maybe 3-4 ounces per minute. It depends on how you set the burner and load the hopper. Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes for a good smoke to settle in after starting it up.

How much do you have to open the exhaust vent to get smoke?

You have to have it open pretty wide in order for the smoke generator jets (in the lower fire pot) to get air. You should be able to feel a gentle draft at all times once your smoker is running. If it isn’t, make sure your top damper is open.

How long does it take to start producing smoke?

About 5 minutes or so. You should be able to smell the wood pellets after about 3 minutes. It takes a little time for all that heat up in order to build pressure inside of the smoker box and pressure will force the pellets into the burn pot burner jets where they ignite and start producing smoke.

How long does the Austin XL continue to produce smoke?

It continues for about 30-45 minutes and then you’ll need to refill. This may vary depending on how much the damper is open and how often you run it – we find that we can get close to an hour of smoking out of a full hopper if we don’t open the top too much and we run it a couple times per hour.

How long can you leave the Austin XL running?

Probably not more than an hour or so without having to refill with pellets. You should get about 30-45 minutes of smoke out of a full hopper if you’re not opening the top too much.



We will give you a Pit Boss Austin XL Review, and we’ll tell you why it is the best choice for your home. The features of this grill make it perfect for any person who wants to cook their food indoors or outdoors. It has an electric starter that makes cooking easier than ever before. You can also use charcoal as fuel because there are two separate grates on the bottom which makes switching between types of fuel easy and efficient! No matter what type of meat you’re cooking, whether it’s beef ribs or chicken breasts, the Pit Boss AustinXL Grill is sure to be able to accommodate all of your needs in one product.

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