Pit Barrel Cooker Review

Pit Barrel Cooker Review

When most people think of cooking a whole hog, they think of an all-day process that is messy and complicated. However, with a Pit Barrel Cooker, you can cook a whole hog in just four hours! 

In this blog post, we will provide a Pit Barrel Cooker review and give you everything you need to know about this incredible cooking device. Whether you are an experienced cook or just starting out, the Pit Barrel Cooker is sure to impress! So read on to learn more.

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The Pit Barrel Cooker’s design is straightforward and well-made.

The 30 Gallon portable tank is perfect for any professional who needs to store their chemical reaction or waste material.

With 18 gauge steel construction that has been porcelained coated to resist rusting (and looking good while doing so), these drums will last through anything your handyman might come across during everyday business at hand.

When it comes to cooking smoked meat, the Pit Barrel Cooker is at par with any other method. There’s a charcoal basket that holds up your coals and in which 2 steel rods can set 8 stainless steel hooks so you have all options available for hanging meats right off of one another while they get cooked evenly from top-to bottom or side by side depending on how big this particular model happens to be.

The standard version comes with a built-in lid that fits tightly over your food while preserving its heat so you don’t have to worry about any overcooking woes – just keep firing up those burners until everything turns golden brown and delicious!!

The Pit Barrel Cooker is a great cooker for those who want to avoid the hassle and complexity of more traditional methods. With just one vent, it’s easy enough that even I can manage! 250 – 300 degrees Fahrenheit with no guesswork involved? This thing does all your cooking for ya; simple as pie (or charcoal).


You can cook a lot of food at once, and it’s easy to do since the Pit Barrel Cooker has such an enormous 30-gallon capacity.

The Pit Barrel Cooker has a number of different cooking options. You can cook on the standard grill grate, but it’s not really meant for that purpose since its 18 5/8 inch diameter makes up only 240 square inches when compared with other grates which offer at least twice this amount!

If you want to use your barbecue like an oven then by all means stick with traditional methods – just keep in mind what kind or food item will fit into each space so there isn’t any wasted time and energy from trying new things because we know how much everyone loves having their dish turn out perfectly every singletime.

Pit Barrel Cooker is a barbecue that can easily hold 8 full racks of ribs or 2-3 whole briskets. It’s large size makes it perfect for the amount space this grill requires on your ground, as well! You may also want to check out our hinged grate option – cooking flat while hanging off at once with no need to switch between methods depending what kind up weather we’re experiencing outside.

Temperature Control

With a Pit Barrel Cooker, you can cook food with perfect temperature control. The unit has an adjustable vent that allows the user to set how much air comes out based on what they want for their meal – whether it’s warm or cold!

The Pit Barrel Cooker is an excellent tool for cooking with more oxygen, which results in a hotter temperature. This means you can cook food much faster and get it off your grill without any hassle at all!

The Pit Barrel Cooker is a fantastic way to cook at any altitude. You can make adjustments for the effects that you live with, making it more like your own personal kitchen!

The Pit Barrel Cooker has an elevation setting that can be changed depending on where you live. The design of these instructions make sure the temperature will stay consistent throughout cooking, even at higher elevations!

With the Pit Barrel Cooker, you can finally enjoy that cooked meal with no more fiddling around.


With its long, narrow shape and wide mouth that allows for easy cleaning when you are finished cooking in the smoker or if it’s still warm. This pit barrel cooker will give your food that out-of-this world taste people love so much!

The best way to clean your pit barrel cooker is by brushing off the hanging racks and grate after each smoke or grill, so all debris can be removed. This will prevent baking onto these surfaces which could lead into stubbornness!

With the Pit Barrel Cooker, there are few things you need to worry about. Apart from that it just requires an occasional vacuuming of ash and brushing out any dirt or debris periodically!

Pit Barrel Cooker: The best way to clean your PBC is with a little bit of cooking oil. Simply put some vegetable or peanut butter in the bottom and wipe out any excess before putting it back on top for another round!

The Pit-Barrel Cookers advise against cleaning because this buildup seasons its barrels, but if you must do nevertheless be sure not use anything harsh like soap as that will damage them even more over time.


From its durable steel construction to the incredible food that it produces, one wonders why they don’t offer a longer warranty.  The Pit Barrel Cooker has an impressive 1 year guarantee and has been proven by many satisfied customers as being well worth their money spent on this product!

We all know that a Pit Barrel Cooker should outlast any one year warranty. because there are no electronic devices inside it, there’s not really space for things to go improper with them anyway!

When it comes to the Pit Barrel Cooker, we know you have a lot of choices. But whatever decision is made – be sure that your purchase will not only last longer than expected but also deserve all customer service perks in order for any issues or problems with this product can get resolved quickly!


– The feeder is made with a durable build that will last years.

– The food this smoker produces is top notch. 

– Can also be used in colder environments.

– You’ll be able to cook food faster than ever before.

– Use it easily.

– You’ll be able to spend less time on your pet’s feeding and more time doing other things.

– Grill or smoke meat perfectly every time.

– Cleans quickly and easily.

– Portable and easy to move.


– The grilling grate on this smoker isn’t very efficient.


What Is A Pit Barrel Cooker?

The Pit Barrel Cooker is a new, easy and fun way to cook your food. The design of this cooker keeps the temperature low and steady, perfect for cooking any BBQ. This charcoal grill keeps the heat inside with no flare-ups outside. All you need to do is add your favorite wood chips or pellets (sold separately) into the 8″ opening behind the adjustable fire grate. Then, place the food onto the cooking grate and place it directly over top of the chimney. The shape allows you to cook enough for a small army!

How Does A Pit Barrel Cooker Work?

The Pit Barrel Cooker is one of the easiest BBQ smokers to use. The way the Pit Barrel Cooker is designed keeps your food moist and tender on the inside, while perfectly crisping on the outside. Also with this smoker, there are no flareups or hot-spots remining after cooking, so you don’t have to worry about any burnt pieces! Due to all of its features, it’s great for beginners or experts alike.

Where Can I Use A Pit Barrel Cooker?

The most versatile cooker in our line-up can be used wherever you want! This smoker works well anywhere that is flat, level ground with good access to an electrical outlet within 100 feet. However, you will need water nearby for this smoker, as it helps maintain the temperature. You can even take it with you on camping trips!

It’s perfect for tailgating, camping and other outdoor events.

What Are The Benefits Of A Pit Barrel Cooker?

– Low And Steady Heat For Tender BBQ – The Pit Barrel Cooker keeps the temperature very low. This allows your BBQ to cook evenly throughout without burning or charring.

– Perfected Temperature That Lasts A Long Time! 

The Pit Barrel features a patent pending, air flow system that balances the airflow for up to 12 hours of smoke! With this feature, you won’t need to check the cooker every few minutes.

– 8″ Diameter Wood Chip/Smoke Tray 

Fill this tray with your favorite wood chips and enjoy a perfect flavor profile each time! The design allows enough airflow for an extended burn time.

– Easy Set Up For A Great BBQ 

All you have to do is add charcoal on top of the fire grate and then wood above that. Once that’s done, place the cook grate over the chimney and put your food directly over it. When adding more fuel, just use tongs from above instead of reaching into the smoker itself so as not to dirty those nice clothes of yours

– You’ll Be Ready To Cook In As Little As 15 Minutes! 

Once you’ve set it up and added your fuel, all there’s left to do is light it and let the smoker do its magic.

– Warm Up With A Ceramic Grill Table 

Enjoy a nice warm meal, even when the temperature has dropped with this table! This table also helps stabilize the unit as well as giving you extra room for tools or an area to hold food that’s done cooking.

– Perfect For The Home Or Tailgating. 

The size of this cooker will allow you to cook enough for a small army. However, we recommend only cooking what you would eat or if sharing with friends and family (if they can wait long enough!). Be sure to bring plenty of beer with you though!

– Easy Cleaning With The Removable Ash Tray 

All you have to do is remove the ash tray and dispose of your ashes. You can then get right back to cooking! When inserting the ashes, just make sure that they’re not too hot from the fire, so as not to burn yourself. Also, this unit does NOT come with a water bowl.

– Extra Long Carry Handles For Easy Transportation 

Be ready in no time when it’s time for another cookout by taking out your Pit Barrel Cooker and getting it set up in under 15 minutes! Just take the two long carry handles and lock them into place on either end. Then, lift together at each end and make your way to your destination.

– Works With Any Grill Grate 

Although we provide a grill grate with the smoker, any grill grate will work just fine! This allows you to use it on other grills and smokers that you may have. However, we recommend using only our fire grate for best results. To use another grate, simply remove the original one before lighting and reattach once finished cooking.

The Pit Barrel Cooker features an adjustable damper so you can control how much air is let in or out of the unit to regulate temperature. Also this cooker does NOT come with a water bowl–it must be purchased separately. Meathead’s Memphis Dust product is highly recommended! more information on products, materials & sizes…

– Perfect For Outdoor Concerts, Tailgating Or Just Around The Campfire 

Whether it’s a concert or tailgate party or just an evening around the campfire, the Pit Barrel Cooker is ready to go! This means that you’re pretty much set for any outdoor activity.

– Easily Adjust Temperature By Adding Or Removing Coals 

The low and slow cooking gives you plenty of time to get everything ready while allowing your BBQ to cook evenly throughout thanks to this balanced airflow system. You can even add more coals if necessary with the convenient access door.

What does it cook on? 

The PBC comes with an expanded metal grill top which sits above a steel smoking basket. This allows smoke to circulate freely around your food for great flavor and results without the need for a water pan.

Can I use wood chips or chunks in Pit Barrel Cooker

You can use whatever you want! However, without a water pan, wet items will not produce any steam so they may have trouble catching fire and generating smoke. If this is your first run with the PBC we recommend trying cubes as opposed to chips as they are less likely to hinder the airflow the smoker. In our experience, cubes usually catch fire easily and produce plenty of smoke.

What is included?

You will receive the Pit Barrel Cooker, an expanded metal grill top with handle, a steel cooking basket, replacement gasket/seal (for the lid), warranty information card, instruction manual, and one bag of Pit Boss Hardwood Pellets (enough to season your unit). Pellets are fed into the smoker via an auger which then heats up when you start cooking. The result is pure hardwood flavor! Some assembly is required but it’s simple and takes less than 15 minutes.

Can I remove the upper barrel section?

Yes – for storage or transport, simply lift out the upper barrel section by gripping either side of the grate in the center. Please note this method will not work on the 14.5″ model as it is too short to fit your hands under the grate.

Does it use any electricity? 

No – It’s 100% charcoal-less! The Pit Barrel Cooker uses a single 22 lb bag of charcoal to operate which equates to roughly 3 hours of cooking time. Unless you want to cook all day, or into the night, we recommend using two bags for great results and about 6 hours of cooking time.

How much does a 22 lb bag of charcoal weigh? 

Approximately 24 lbs.

Does the Pit Barrel Cooker have legs?

No, it is designed to sit on top of your existing picnic table or any other solid surface that is at least 30″ high.

How long can I cook with one load of charcoal? 

Three hours (20 lbs / ~22 hrs), six hours (40 lbs / ~42 hrs), or ten hours (60 lbs / ~64 hrs). For longer cooks, use two bags for around 6 hours and three bags for around 9-10 hours – adjust your cooking time accordingly!

Can I control the temperature like my gas grill?

Yes – if you are using wood chips or chunks in addition to the Pit Boss Pellets, you will need to open the top vent on the barrel all the way in order to start creating some heat. Once you see smoke coming out of your PBC then partially close this vent until you reach your desired cooking temperature (you may have to experiment a few times with it depending on conditions). To regulate air flow when using only wood chips/chunks, simply remove the upper barrel section and use tongs to hold open one of the lower vents fully for high heat or at least halfway for medium heat.

Is it hard to clean?  

No – Just remember, no water! If anything gets spilled inside don’t worry – simply remove any residue after you are done cooking. This is not an exact science so just do the best you can – no one will notice once your food is on the table! If you did miss a spot, just wait until its cooled off and use some steel wool to scrub it out.

Does it have legs? 

No, the current model only comes with two short metal “feet.” This allows for storage in very tight spaces by allowing you to lay it down flat against a wall or in a corner. Of course if you are not worried about space then feel free to leave it standing upright! 

Is there any danger of the unit tipping over when I open the lid?  

No – The upper barrel section acts as a counter-weight which keeps your PBC firmly in place while cooking. Can’t say the same will be said when your ribs come out though so please use caution when opening.

Do you recommend any accessories?  

Yes – we have three accessories that we highly recommend: (1) The ash pan which sits below the coal basket allows for easy clean up by simply removing it, shaking off your ash, and putting it back in place; (2) A damper helps keep ashes from spilling out of the bottom vent and attaches to any standard garden hose allowing for quick & efficient cleanup without getting your hands dirty; and (3) We also offer a stand which fits nicely on your existing picnic table and a “tabletop” version which sits directly in the middle of your cooking surface.

Are there any drawbacks? 

Yes – Since it was designed for portability, the Pit Barrel Cooker is not insulated so you will lose some heat during transport. It also doesn’t have wheels so if you’re looking for something that will roll around then this might not be ideal for you although its lighter than most other smokers with wheels. Also due to its design, some people have found using aluminum foil pans makes clean up faster/easier although please note this may reduce airflow around your food.


The Pit Barrel Cooker is a great option for anyone looking for an easy to use, all in one smoking device. The barrel’s shape and design make it simple to cook food evenly and the porcelain coating ensures that your food will not stick. This smoker also comes with a variety of accessories that make it easy to get started cooking right away. If you are looking for an easy way to start smoking meat, the Pit Barrel Cooker is a great option that we highly recommend.

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