Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Review

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Review

Looking to take your smoking experience to the next level? Then you need to check out the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker! This smoker features reverse flow technology that delivers an even heat and smoke distribution, ensuring that your food comes out perfectly smoked every time. With the cooking surface of 1,060 inches total square, this smoker is perfect for feeding a large crowd. And with weighty Gauge all-steel structure, it is built to last!

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Review


With a total cooking surface of 1,060 sq inches and the capacity to smoke 751 in the main chamber or burn wood pellets down below for 309 Sq Ft per firebox quadrant there are plenty more than enough accommodations made here at Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker.

With a Reverse-flow smoker, you can enjoy the same delicious smoke without any hassle. The series of 4 baffles guides smoke and heat through an even main chamber for perfect results every time!

Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker is the perfect addition to your backyard barbecue! It can be customized with optional baffles and smokestacks that allow you set up a Smokey Mountain tenderloin in no time. 

With four grates, this smoker will keep all of those tasty ingredients warm as they smoke away on their own while providing delicious flavors thanks to companion flavor beads or wood chips for extra burnishes at need.

With the basket is sizable stainless steel fuel and the out door is cleaned, the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Flow Smoker is perfect for ashes that are easily removed.

Completely made of heavy-duty steel, the cooking grate has multiple dampers and a ceramic coating makes it easy to control smoke and heat.

Key Feature

The big charcoal basket is a more efficient way to burn, tends your fire easier and quicker. It also leaves you with less mess for clean-up!

With a front shelf that runs the width of your cooking space and an ample bottom shelf, you’ll have all the room necessary to keep food or utensils in their proper places. The large size also makes it easy for adding more fuel types-whether charcoal/wooden matches are used with this grill so people can cook right away when they arrive at home after work; if not then there’s plenty left over!

This handy door on the side of your fireplace makes stoking fires much easier and more convenient. It also means you don’t have to open up that pesky chamber lid!

The digital temperature gauge lets you know exactly when your food is ready without any guesswork involved, while the multiple dampers are adjustable that help smoke and control heat levels.


– Control the temperature of your food. 

– Smoke distribution and get even heat for perfectly smoked food every time.

– Grill a variety of foods to perfection. 

– The reverse flow design prevents flare-ups, so your food is always beautifully smoked.

– Grill larger items with ease 

– Keep your kitchen smoke-free.

– It’s easy to set up. 

– Keep your grill at the perfect temperature.

– Get more even heat and better flavor from your charcoal. 

– Easily clean your smoker.

– Stronger structure than others.

– The Smoker is easily moved


– A small number of smoke leaks from around the doors and the seams.

– The fire box has peeling paint.


  • Model Number: 17202053
  • Temperature Gauge: Lid
  • Number of Main Burners: 0
  • Cooking Grate Material: Porcelain Coated Wire
  • Grate Material: Porcelain Coated Wire
  • Assembled Dimensions: 35.5 x 55.5 x 64.3
  • Assembled Width:64.3
  • Assembled Height: 55.5
  • Assembled Depth: 35.5
  • Primary Cooking Area: 751
  • Secondary Cooking Area: 309
  • Wheels: Wagon-Style
  • Burner Material: N/A
  • Other Parts Warranty Term: 2
  • Grate/Emitter Warranty Term: 2
  • Weight (lbs.): 226.00
  • Lid/Firebox Warranty Term: 2
  • Burner Warranty Term: N/A

What Are Reverse Flow Smokers?

A reverse flow smoker, sometimes called a rf smoker or lp smoker, is designed to create an updraft within the unit. The design causes the smoke to rise up towards the food instead of downwards into it. Most smokers are built in such a way that the heat and smoke rise naturally through the unit due to convection currents.

In order to achieve the updraft the smoke and heat must first pass through a baffle plate named a deflector plate. The design for this was borrowed from the original offset smokers. In older styles of smoker the firebox was attached directly to the cooking chamber, but with a reverse flow smoker there is a gap between them. The space between the firebox and cooking chamber allows room for a horizontal baffle.

Because of this design, most reverse flow smokers are able to achieve an internal temperature that is more stable than most other types of smokers. The air will be hotter beside the food because it is passing over the heat source first, however, as it travels through the baffles it gradually loses heat and moves towards the lower end of the cooking chamber.

The combination of a directional flow and an open fire creates two very important characteristics – even temperature and clean burn. The design of the smoker allows for the full combustion of wood or charcoal, which results in a long lasting, steady stream of smoke and enough heat to cook the food thoroughly.

Types Of Reverse Flow Smokers:

Offset – The first offset smokers were made with a horizontal firebox that sat adjacent to the cooking chamber. This was necessary because the smoke and heat had to travel through a lengthy path in order for it to reach the meat. But, this design also created problems; hot spots and uneven cooking. That’s why the rf smokers were created, to reduce those issues.

Offset / Reverse Flow Hybrid – The hybrid smoker is a combination of both traditional offset and reverse flow designs. There is still a gap between the firebox and cooking chamber, but it’s not as long or noticeable like in other models. This design offers both the benefits of an offset and a rf smoker.

Pellet – The pellet smoker operates much like a standard offset, except for one key factor — automatic feeding. This type of smoker feeds pre-determined amounts of wood pellets as needed to maintain constant heat and smoke within the cooking chamber. The result is clean, consistent cooking.

Upside Down – This rf smoker has the firebox on top of the cooking chamber, while all other types have the firebox below it. The food sits directly over hot coals which results in a 20-30°F increase in temperature inside the cooking chamber. As the smoke and heat rise up to the food they lose density and this makes it harder to cook. There is also a shorter life span for the smoker because of this design.


1) Clean burn 

2) Temperature stability 

3) Even cooking 

4) Easy to use controls 

5) High heat output (for searing steaks)


1) Price 

2) Harder to maintain heat when cooking with indirect heat 

3) Can be hard to lower the temperature on some models if it gets too hot.

Why Is Reverse Flow Smoker Popular?

These types of smokers are popular because they offer the best of both worlds in one design. You get the high heat, even cooking and consistent temperature level of an offset smoker with the convenience and ease of using a vertically designed electric or gas smoker. The rf smokers are more versatile than other styles because it can be used for both smoking and grilling.

An important note to remember is that these types of smokers can be very expensive if you go with a high end model. If your budget is tight, try going for a cheaper vertical smoker instead because they operate in the same way as rf smokers, but often times at a lower price point.

Are The Reverse Flow Smokers Really Good?

Yes, they are good. As stated above, you get the best of both worlds – even cooking and great temperature control – so there’s no wonder that these types of smokers are popular with anyone who likes to cook outdoors. Many backyard chefs consider rf smokers as “workhorses” because they’re durable and last for years without any issues.

The only problem you might run into is the price. Depending on which type you get, they can be very expensive. The less pricey models are usually made by smaller brands and don’t offer the same control or features that well known rf smoker companies will provide.

If you’re serious about smoking meat then definitely consider investing in a reverse flow smoker. You won’t be disappointed by the results, and it’s a good way to up your grilling game as well.

What Makes The Reverse Flow Smoker Different Than The Traditional Offset Smoker?

There are a few advantages of having an RF smoker over an offset smoker. First, you have control over the temperature by regulating how much oxygen enters into the cooking chamber. Second, they’re made with high quality materials that ensure durability and optimal heat distribution throughout the food’s cook time. Offset smokers might not be as great because often times the heat and smoke will fluctuate as you cook, which can affect the food’s taste or texture.

Why Are Reverse Flow Smokers So Expensive?

While there are cheaper models out there, the more popular reverse flow smokers go for a much higher price than traditional offsets. That’s because they’re well known for their quality and durability – something that offsets do not have – and they’re also recognized as the best smoker option if you want to grill with indirect heat.

Pay The Price – You can find cheaper reverse flow smokers online, but these will often times come from lesser known brands and won’t last as long as a popular rf smoker company. It’s important to remember that even though they’re expensive, you’re getting a smoker that will last for years without any issues.

If you want to save money on an rf smoker then go with the cheaper models because the lower priced vertical smokers operate in much the same way as their pricier counterparts. You’ll be able to get great tasting food and even cooking results if you choose a smoker that doesn’t offer all of the bells and whistles.

Why Use Reverse Flow Smoker?

There are several reasons why you should use or invest in a rf smoker: 

1) Heat Control – A good reverse flow smoker will allow you to regulate the heat on your own so you don’t have to rely on another person (like the grill master) to do it for you. This is extremely helpful if you’re cooking more than one thing at a time, since you can easily monitor the temperature without standing over the smoker.

2) Little To No Smoke – You won’t get any smoke with your food when using this type of smoker because they pull the heat and smoke through the cooking chamber in a way that doesn’t let it escape. That’s why you won’t have to worry about intensely flavored meats, fish, or vegetables because they’ll retain their original taste without any added flavors from wood chips or chunks like offset smokers.

3) Better Heat Distribution – Because rf smokers are made with high quality materials and engineering, they offer more even heating throughout the food’s cook time than traditional smokers will provide. This means your meat will come out cooked perfectly and more evenly if you choose a smoker that has these features.

4) Durability – The best models on the market today are durable enough to last for years of frequent outdoor use without any issues. If taken care of properly then you won’t have to worry about replacing any parts or having problems with the smoker’s efficiency.

5) Versatility – If you want to grill, bake, smoke, roast, braise, stew, boil, stir fry or steam your food then a rf smoker will be able to help you get it done in minutes. A traditional offset smoker might not be as great because they’re only meant for smoking meat and that’s it.

6) Easy To Use – You can easily control the amount of heat inside the cooking chamber through small adjustments of the intake vents. And you’ll also spend less time monitoring your food since there are no flare ups due to excess wood chips catching on fire.

How To Use A Reverse Flow Smoker?

Step 1 – Set The Vents 

One of the first things you’ll want to do when using a reverse flow smoker is set the intake vents before adding any fuel. These should be located on the bottom section of your smoker and can be adjusted as necessary depending on how hot you want the cooking chamber to get. If you’re smoking then they should remain closed until you’ve added your wood chips or chunks, then they can be opened about two thirds of the way for optimal heat.

Step 2 – Prepare Your Fuel 

Using a charcoal grill? No problem! Using a charcoal grill will require that you use much less fuel since it’s burned at much lower temperatures than standard gas grills. You’ll also need to all of your wood chips or chunks to your charcoal before starting your fire. Place the smoking materials in a bowl (don’t forget to soak them if necessary) and place them carefully under the grate where you’ll be cooking your food. Then, arrange the briquettes around it so that they’re evenly spaced throughout the chamber. You can also use an electric smoker instead of gas or charcoal if desired – just follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to set up and use it properly.

Step 3 – Add Your Food 

After positioning all of your wood chips or chunks, you can now add your food! Make sure not to overcrowd your cooking grates since this will only slow down the smoldering process. When using a reverse flow smoker, there is no need for you to rotate or flip the food while it’s cooking because wide pieces of meat will be cooked to perfection.

Step 4 – Cook Until Finished 

Set your smoker to the desired temperature and wait for about 45 minutes before checking on what you’re cooking. This is usually enough time for most meats, but if you’re smoking a large cut then it may take longer than this amount of time. If using charcoal, add more once you’ve reached your cook time so that there is always plenty available. Once all of your ingredients are done, remove them carefully from the racks and serve while still hot!

How Does The Reverse Flow Design Work?

The reverse flow design works in quite a simple manner. The chamber’s smoldering process is controlled by the intake vents which remove heat and smoke from directly below the food. This heat will enter the cooking chamber so that it can be transferred to your meat evenly throughout its entire cook time.

This type of smoker also works because the hot air doesn’t need to travel very far before reaching your food. Imagine trying to light a fire in an oven or under a hood since there are metal plates that separate it from where you want the heat to go. Doing this results in low temperatures which affects how long it takes to get what you’re cooking finished properly. And with many smokers, only one side is hot so you’ll need to rotate the meat so that it’s cooked evenly.

With a reverse flow style, all of this is avoided since heat and smoke can freely move throughout the entire area where your food will be cooking. This type of smoker can cook everything from poultry to ribs without any trouble!

When New To Smoking, What Size Should I Get?

It really depends on your situation and how serious you are about this hobby of ours. If you’re like most of us who got into this for family reasons, then a 30-40lb smoker will suffice in providing many meals for your entire family or even provide some extra food for when friends come over to watch games or whatever event happens to take place.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Starting Out?

There are many, but I think one of the biggest ones is not using high quality wood. Most think that since they’re just starting out, it doesn’t matter what type of wood you use. NOT TRUE! We have had some customers come in here who have purchased bags of wood chunks for between $5-$8 a bag thinking they were getting some great deals while Joe’s was on sale or whatever reason. After talking to them and asking them some questions about how much time they’ve invested in their new smokers, I found out they only got 20-25 uses out of these bags of ‘cheap’ wood before pieces started to fall apart.

Another mistake is not knowing how to maintain your smoker. We recommend looking on the internet for tips and advice from knowledgeable people rather than asking questions here or any other large bbq forum. I’ve noticed a trend lately where someone will post a question about their offset smoker, and another person will reply with a very generic statement such as “get a water pan” or “just make charcoal adjustments” which really doesn’t answer the original poster’s question because everyone uses different types of wood/charcoal, etc. Others often recommend what worked for them but that can be risky because if you don’t use quality fuel sources then you’re only sabotaging yourself from producing good food! If you’t already familiar with how your smoker operates, then great! If not, seek out the advice of someone who knows these smokers very well.


Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse Review is a great reverse smoker grill that will provide you with the opportunity to cook your food in style. This product has enough space for cooking plenty of meat, and it comes at an affordable price point. The only downside is its lack of wheels, which makes this item difficult to move around depending on where you live or what type of surface you’re using it on. Regardless, if you are looking for a good charcoal-powered outdoor grill then the Oklahoma Joe’s Longhorn Reverse review should be one option worth considering.

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