How To Clean Blackstone Griddle

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle?

Blackstone griddles are one of the best griddles on the market for cooking purposes. They are very versatile and can handle a variety of tasks that other griddles might not be able to do. However, the main problem with these griddles is that they are quite difficult to clean up after you’re done using them.

Many people have commented that they have a hard time cleaning up the griddle after every use. Although there are many different opinions out there, it seems like most of them find themselves struggling with this problem because of the type of material the griddle is made out of. Most Blackstone griddles are made entirely out of cast iron, which means that they have quite porous surfaces so it’s very difficult to clean properly.

Since these types of griddles give you great value for your money and we know how frustrating it can be to clean up after each use – we decided to write an article on how to properly clean a Blackstone griddle and make sure you never run into issues again.

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone Overview

Before we begin, it may be a good idea to quickly cover some basic information about Blackstone griddles. This way you have at least a basic idea of what you’re dealing with. Since the company is relatively new in the industry, a lot of people don’t know too much about them so here’s a quick overview:

Blackstone Griddles first showed up on the market around 2008 and since then they have been showing off their products by going from one trade show to another – introducing their products to as many people as possible. They specialize in portable outdoor cooking equipment, which makes Blackstone grills perfect for tailgating at sports games or camping trips. In addition to that, their products are also very useful for smaller families who don’t have a lot of space in their backyard for a larger grill. Blackstone griddles are popular with people who don’t have big barbecues at home because most models from the company come with foldable legs so they can easily be stored away.

What is a griddle?

A griddle is a piece of kitchen equipment that is used to cook a variety of different things. It can be used for cooking your breakfast, lunch, and dinner – depending on the size and design. This type of kitchen equipment is very similar to a pan but instead of having one large surface area, it has many small surfaces for you to use.

How does a griddle work?

The way these types of griddles work basically lies within their name – “griddle”. All the surfaces within the griddle are “gridded” out which means that they have small surfaces for you to cook your meals on. Griddles usually come with two different types of surfaces – flat and ridged.

The flat griddle surface is typically used for cooking things like pancakes, eggs, sandwiches, pizzas, and similar items. This type of surface works very well because it gives you plenty of room to maneuver around while still giving you enough control over the grilling process. Once you’re done using the flat side, you can simply flip it over and use the other side which will be ridged. These ridges are designed in a way where they make it easy for food to slide off once it’s ready to be served or if something falls off your plate accidentally.

The reason why people choose griddles over traditional frying pans is that they provide you with more control and room to work with when you’re cooking, especially if you’re cooking for a large group of individuals at once.

Types of griddles:

There are several different types of griddles available on the market and each one has its own purpose and design. Some of them come in different shapes and sizes while some others might only be used for certain things but we will talk about this more later on in the article.

Electric Griddles: These types of griddles are probably the most common ones you’ll find out there. They have a few major advantages which make them very popular among professionals who rely heavily on griddles to get their job done. One of the biggest ones is the price – these griddles are very affordable and they have a lot of different features that other types don’t have. Some people complain that you need an electric power source in order to use it but this is not entirely true. You can actually buy a portable charger that will provide you with enough power for your griddle to work properly, regardless of whether it’s electric or not.

These types of griddles operate on electricity and they often come with several different settings you can adjust according to your preferences. They also tend to be a lot lighter than other types because they don’t weigh as much. The only downside we see with electric Blackstone griddles is that they’re typically much smaller, which limits their overall functionality.

Gas Griddles: If you’re looking for something that’s a bit faster and can cook more food at one time, then this is the type of Blackstone griddle you should buy. Gas griddles come with two types of burners – standard and infrared. Standard burners give off constant heat while infrared ones provide you with a quick burst of intense heat every now and then. As we mentioned earlier, gas griddles tend to be larger than electric ones so they offer better results when it comes to cooking your meals even if there are large amounts of people who want to eat them all at once.

Charcoal Griddles: When we first saw these types of griddles, we couldn’t believe how similar they were to gas griddles. The structure is almost the same but instead of using gas or electricity, these types of griddles work by burning charcoal briquettes which provide you with enough power to cook your food properly. These types of griddles come in two different designs – ones that use an aluminum pan and ones that roast your food directly over the coals.

The way it works is very simple – you build a small fire and then place the aluminum foil on top of it. Once you’re done cooking, simply extinguish the fire and let your used aluminum foil cool down and all you have to do is throw it away when it’s dirtied again. We don’t really recommend this type of griddle if you’re planning on using it more than once because some companies advise that you shouldn’t reuse them until the following year.

Gravity Griddles: This type of Blackstone griddle is slightly different from other types out there, at least when it comes to design and functionality. They come with a built-in drain for liquids which makes them very easy to clean up but they also tend to be quite heavy which limits their mobility. Gravity griddles are usually made either of iron or cast iron plates and they really last long. If you’re not afraid of cleaning your cookware, then this might be what you need, especially since it has quickly become one of the most popular types out there.

Cast Iron Griddles: As we already mentioned, cast iron is one of the most popular materials used to create griddles and it’s not hard to see why. They’re very durable and they will last you a long time, providing you with excellent results throughout their lifetime. Cast iron griddles are also great if you want something that doesn’t require much maintenance because all you have to do is wipe them clean using a dry cloth and put them back into storage until the next time you plan on using them.

How To Clean Blackstone Griddle

Flat surface or Grit surface, which one should I choose?

When it comes to flat surface vs grit surface Blackstone griddles, there really isn’t much difference between their looks but the performance is where they stand apart. As we already mentioned earlier in this article, Blackstone griddles use two different types of materials when it comes to the actual cooking area – flat surfaces and grits ones.

The biggest advantage that a grit surface has over a flat one is that it’s way easier for food to actually stick on a grits surface as opposed to a flat one. When it comes to cleaning, grits surfaces are far easier because all you have to do is use water or any other type of cleanser and let it run over them, much like when it comes to washing floors.

On the other hand, flat surfaces are very easy to clean up as well but they tend to allow for things like cheese and fried eggs which might fall off your meal once you start cutting into it. Some people also complain that their food sticks on the surface every now and then but this can be easily fixed by seasoning your griddle or purchasing a special spray made out of oil that will make your food slide right off the surface without any problems.

So, if you’re planning on cooking meals like eggs and fried bacon, we recommend purchasing a grit surface griddle, especially since you don’t have to worry about how difficult it might be to clean up after your meal. On the other hand, if you plan on cooking meals that require more complicated cuts or things that can fall out of food like cheese, you should go with a flat surface griddle because it’s easier to push these types of foods onto your plate.

Blackstone griddles – Pros & Cons:

Just like everything else in this world, Blackstone grills and Blackstone griddles also have both pros and cons attached to them. Let’s start by going through some of these pros:

As we already mentioned above, one of the main reasons why people go for a Blackstone Griddle is that it’s very portable. You can fold down its legs and store it somewhere small, which means you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much space.

Another good thing about Blackstone griddles is that they can be used for a wide variety of purposes. As long as you buy the appropriate grate and attach it on top of the heating element, you won’t have any issues with cooking your food. You can use them to fry, cook an omelet, or even make pancakes – they’re very versatile and will become one of your most-used kitchen appliances.

However, there are also some cons that need to be mentioned:

The first thing you’ll notice is that Blackstone grills come at a high price. They usually cost more than $300 which means they aren’t cheap – especially if we consider how similar products from other companies cost much less.

Another negative thing about Blackstone griddles is that they’re very heavy. You can’t really move them around or store them in a small area just because their weight exceeds 100 pounds. They will take up a lot of space and you’ll probably struggle to find the proper storage solution for them.

How do Blackstone griddles get dirty?

When it comes to Blackstone griddles, you’ll find that the only thing that tends to get dirty is their cooking surface. This is because over time your food starts sticking and the surface gets caked with all sorts of stuff including oil and small pieces of fried food.

Of course, there’s always a chance for some other areas to get dirty but these usually aren’t too hard to clean up. You can either use a special cleaner or take some soap and water and scrub the dirt away – both ways will work just fine.

How to clean a Blackstone griddle?

Even though they’re made out of heavy-duty materials, Blackstone griddles are easier to clean than you might think. After all, they come with a very simple design and there aren’t too many areas that need special attention.


  1. The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the grate from the heating element – this way it won’t be damaged while you scrub away at the dirt on top of it.
  2. Once you’ve removed your grate, we recommend taking some paper towels and cleaning up any leftover oil and grease that might still be sitting on top of it. Just wipe them away and make sure not to apply too much pressure as this will result in scratches which can cause your meat or vegetables to stick.
  3. After you’ve wiped away the grease, it’s time for some soap and water. Since this won’t be your first time cleaning up after cooking something on top of your griddle, we recommend using a mild dishwashing liquid (you can make one on your own by mixing together vinegar and water). Just use the same paper towels you used earlier to apply some of the soap-water mixtures on top of the griddle before scrubbing it all over with a sponge or brush – remember not to damage your heating element by applying too much pressure.

Once you’re done scrubbing away at the dirt, rinse everything off with some plain running water. Let it sit for a few minutes so that most of the remaining soap disappears and then dry off your griddle with a large amount of paper towels.

  1. When you’re done cleaning up your griddle, just put the grate back on top of the heating element and you’ll be all set to use it again in no time. That’s pretty much it when it comes to how to clean a Blackstone grill – this is probably one of the easiest ways to deep-clean any appliance at home without spending too much time or effort on it.

Of course, if you need more information on how to clean a Blackstone Griddle then feel free to check out some online guides which provide even more detailed instructions on what exactly needs to be done here. Also, keep in mind that not every Blackstone product will require the same type of cleaning, so some might need special attention on certain areas. 

Tips for cleaning a Blackstone grill:

  1. Make sure that you only scrub the griddle where it’s dirty – otherwise, you’ll risk damaging its heating element or making your food stick to it even more once you start cooking next time around.
  2. If there are any pieces of old food stuck on top of your grill, try using a spatula or tongs to remove them – this way you won’t have to deal with leftover stains from these pieces after cleaning up the surface.
  3. It might be a good idea to keep a bag next to your griddle at all times – especially if you’re going with paper towels as your preferred cleanup method – then just give it a twist and close off its end before throwing it away. This way you’ll have an even easier time cleaning up your griddle, especially if it has a large surface area.
  4. Remember that different types of food can leave various stains on your griddle – some might be more difficult to remove than others. For example, oil is usually much harder to deal with because it spreads out quickly and coats the entire surface with its stickiness. Try wiping most of this type of residue off into a plastic bag or container before moving on to soap-and-water scrubbing – otherwise, you might end up having problems by the time you’re done cleaning up your grill’s surface.
  5. Finally, make sure to always dry off any excess moisture from both the grate and heating element before putting the grill back to work on your next cooking session. That’s pretty much it when it comes to how to clean a Blackstone grill – hopefully, you’ll find our simple guide useful here and will be able to keep your griddle in great shape without too much hassle!

How to prevent Blackstone griddles from getting rust?

Now that you know exactly what to do whenever your Blackstone griddle starts looking dirty it’s time to talk about preventing this kind of problem in the future. After all, most types of grills will start rusting if you don’t take proper care of them and do something about these stains before they have a chance to become permanent fixtures on your appliance.

So how can you prevent your griddle from getting rusty? Well, for starters make sure never to leave any moisture on top of your grill after using it – even when it comes to very small amounts which seem harmless at first glance. This way they won’t be able to spread out or sink down into the surface itself which usually causes ugly yellow spots.

Secondly, always remember that grills are very dirty even when you just use them for cooking! That’s why it’s a good idea to give them a thorough cleaning once in a while – but no more than once per month if possible.

After all, this will also allow you to inspect the grill carefully and see if there are any rust spots forming or maybe some other problems which can’t be solved easily at first sight. If so, take your time and do your best fixing whatever is broken without rushing things too much – since easy-to-care grills usually last for years under normal circumstances.

And finally, always remember that different types of food (especially meats) leave various kinds of residues on the surface itself – some are easier to clean than others. In case you’re dealing with anything particularly hard to clean then always try to wipe most of this type of residue off into a plastic bag or container before moving on to soap-and-water scrubbing – otherwise, you might have problems by the time you’re done cleaning up your grill’s surface.

How to maintain a Blackstone griddle?

There are many people who want to know what kind of maintenance they need in order to keep their grills in great condition. After all, these appliances are not cheap and nobody wants to spend money on something which is basically useless right after you bought it.

So how can you make sure that your grill will last for a long time? Well, the most important thing here is always to be careful when using your appliance! Don’t drop anything hard on the surface itself, don’t place any extremely hot pots or pans directly onto your Blackstone (these might damage the heating element), and if possible try not handling it with wet hands when moving it around.

Still, there’s more you should do once in a while to keep your grill in good shape:

First of all, never let water or any other liquid sit on the surface for too long – this can cause rusting and discoloration as well as usually ruin your appliance’s finish. And even if it doesn’t happen as fast as with some cheaper grills then there’s no guarantee that you won’t have problems with discolorations and similar issues in the future!

Secondly, always inspect your grill closely once per month or so – especially when dealing with a big one like a 4-burner Blackstone griddle. That way you’ll be able to see if there are any parts that might need proper replacement sooner than later (like damaged burners) so that you don’t get stuck without an appropriate solution whenever it comes to this kind of problem.

Less important but still worth saying: it’s a good idea to wipe down your grill once in a while using warm water and maybe some soap or special cleaning solution if you feel like its surface is really dirty. And after that, just let it dry on its own before storing it where it belongs – otherwise, you might risk ruining the finish!

That’s basically all you need to know about maintaining your Blackstone grill – and as long as you follow these rules then there’s a very high chance that it will serve you well for many years before eventually wearing out and needing some more serious maintenance.

Do you have to season your Blackstone griddle?

Seasoning is an important process done by every grill owner at least once in their lifetime. After all, this allows you to make sure that your appliance’s surface will last for a lot longer without rust or any other type of problem which can eventually ruin it completely.

Still, you should keep in mind that there are people who don’t like the idea of seasoning their grills themselves simply because they think that it’s too complicated or time-consuming (or simply unnecessary). And while modern Blackstone griddles come with one pre-seasoned coating already applied on them straight out of the factory some people still prefer to do things on their own anyway – which isn’t really recommended!

The reason why so many people want to season their own grills is that they think that it’s the only way they can guarantee themselves a non-stick surface. After all, Blackstone griddles are known for their perfect non-stick coating which allows making delicious pancakes and other types of food without spending hours over your grill – and seasoning is done to achieve the same effect.

However, if you’re like most people then you don’t really need to season your grill yourself – simply because it already comes with a special coating that works perfectly even when cooking directly on its surface! That’s why we suggest using the pre-seasoned version (which has been done by Blackstone itself!) instead of doing anything else – at least until you’ve bought your appliance and know exactly what kind of problems you’re dealing with.

That being said, if you do decide to season your Blackstone griddle yourself then there are some special guidelines you should follow in order to make sure that your grill will serve you well for many years before it starts deteriorating. First of all, the best way to season your appliance is using oil (preferably one which has a smoking point of over 400°F), heat it up until it reaches 300-350°F, and place the meat into your grill until it’s done cooking. Then simply remove everything without getting any leftovers onto its surface (preferably while wearing gloves) and get rid of excess oil by wiping down the surface with paper towels; after that, let your Blackstone cool off completely before storing it.

Using this method, you’ll be able to get rid of all the particles which are leftover from Blackstone’s manufacturing process and start using your new appliance just like that! Just keep in mind that you will need to repeat the seasoning process every once in a while (although not as often as it may seem at first) – especially when cooking oil-based meals.

What tools do you need for your Blackstone griddle?

You will need a few simple tools to use your Blackstone grill the right way and we’re going to go over some of them below. If you want to get started with this appliance then be sure to have the following things at home in order for it to work just fine:

– A small brush or an old toothbrush to clean the surface of the grill. While Blackstone’s own special tool is more than enough for this job, you can also use other products if you don’t have access to something similar.

– Long metal tongs are perfect when cooking outdoors because they won’t let you accidentally burn yourself while handling hot food on your grill!

– A lid lifter is essentially a tool that helps you remove your grill’s lid without getting yourself burned.

– While not mandatory, Blackstone also sells itself special cleaning sponges which are used for washing down the surface of its appliance while cooking in order to get rid of any particles which may be stuck onto it. Of course, if you’re using this griddle for purposes other than cooking then you will probably want to invest in something like that as well!


Where can I find a detailed manual for my Blackstone griddle?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, each and every one of the grills which you order from this company comes with its own user guide that contains all of the important information about it. That being said, if you still haven’t received such a manual then be sure to get in touch with their customer support while waiting for your unit or simply use Google to find out more about your grill’s specifics!

Is it true that Blackstone griddles heat up gradually?

Yes, these appliances come pre-seasoned and take some time to get heated up properly. Just like cast iron skillets, they need to be warmed up slowly in order to let their temperature rise without getting deformed (or worse). However, such behavior is common with most grills of this kind and shouldn’t be taken as a disadvantage at all!

In what temperature range can you use Blackstone grills?

You will be able to cook with these appliances at temperatures between 200°F and 500°F. In addition, they come equipped with a built-in thermometer which also helps you keep an eye on their actual temperature – that way it’s going to be much easier for you to adjust your cooking process according to the results!

Do Blackstone grills come with a warranty?

Yes, these appliances are covered by a 2-year limited warranty which means that you can ask for your money back if anything happens to them during this period. However, keep in mind that the company isn’t responsible for direct or indirect damage of any kind – including wear and tear of the product’s surface.

Does this griddle come pre-seasoned?

Yes, all of Blackstone’s grills and griddles get pre-seasoned straight out of the factory and there is no need for additional seasoning if you want to use them right away. However, if you’re planning on using one of these appliances for purposes other than cooking then we recommend investing in a proper cleaner that will help you remove any leftover particles from its surface while working on it.

Is this appliance safe to use around children?

Yes, this product is completely safe for children – not only because it doesn’t get hot enough to burn them but because its surface areas are also smooth and don’t feature any sharp edges which could cause an injury (or something like that Of course, all care should be taken while using any cooking appliance around kids but in this case, it’s especially important to make sure that your little ones don’t touch the surface of the griddle without keeping an eye on them all the time!

What to look for when buying a Blackstone griddle?

There are several factors that have to be taken into account if you’re looking for a grill of this kind. Here are the top things which you need to pay attention to:

Construction material – We recommend going for a griddle that is made from cast iron as it offers the best performance and is also great when it comes to heat retention. In addition, make sure that its surface features a smooth texture that won’t let anything get stuck onto it without your knowledge!

– Material: if you’re cooking outdoors then stainless steel is definitely your best option. Cast iron grills may be heavy but they are also known to react with certain foods (like tomatoes which turn them red) so their use can sometimes be limited.

– Surface area: for tips on how to determine the perfect size of your griddle, check out our article “Stainless steel grill – What size should I choose?”

– Temperature control system: this part isn’t mandatory (you can always regulate the temperature by moving/stirring the food around) but it’s definitely nice to have! On the other hand, if you plan on using your appliance for purposes other than cooking then keeping an eye on its actual temperature will probably be much more important.

– Price: grills of this kind are priced pretty low so there’s no reason to opt for the most expensive option. Instead, you should choose one that comes with all sorts of additional features that will make your life easier!

How much does a Blackstone griddle cost?

Blackstone’s products vary greatly when it comes to their price ranges. For example, their individual gas and electric models start at $399.99 but this is by no means all that you can find on the market so don’t be afraid to look around before making up your mind!

Is it safe to cook with Blackstone appliances outdoors?

Yes, these units work well both indoors and outdoors as they are equipped with heat-resistant handles and won’t get deformed even if exposed to high temperatures for a long period of time (which is essential especially during summer months).

Are Blackstone grills good for pancakes?

Yes, they will work perfectly for this purpose as well! If you love cooking pancakes outdoors then you’ll be happy to know that this grill’s large surface area lets you prepare up to two regular-sized batches at the same time. Just keep in mind that items like these should only be used outside and unplugged from their power source after use!

How often should I clean my Blackstone griddle?

You don’t need to clean your grill after every use but you should do it at least once a week. Remember that the more often you clean it, the longer its lifespan will be!

Is it normal for my Blackstone to emit an odor during first use?

Yes, this might happen depending on how well you take care of your grill before and after use. You see, this will determine how often you need to clean it and most importantly – what type of food you feed your appliance with! For instance, allowing greasy foods to remain stuck on the griddle for a long time may damage its surface and change its original color.

Where can you buy Blackstone grills?

Thanks to their popularity (Blackstone’s products are really loved by many people all over the world), it is pretty easy to find them on most eCommerce websites. However, since there are some issues with shipping (especially when it comes to individual grills), we recommend making your order via Amazon.


Overall, Blackstone grills are great appliances that can be used for many purposes (whether you want to cook one or two servings at a time, these grills will do the job). Just make sure you clean them regularly and – if possible – use them outdoors to extend their lifespan. Hopefully, this article answered all your questions about Blackstone griddles and you can now decide for yourself whether they are worth the purchase.

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