Grilla Grills Chimp Review

Grilla Grills Chimp Review

The Grilla Chimp Tailgater Bundle is perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors cooking delicious food. This portable pellet grill is packed with features that will make your grilling experience better than ever. With the Alpha Smoke Controller, you can choose between two temperature settings to get the perfect smoke flavor every time. Plus, the compact frame makes it easy to take this grill anywhere you want to go.
Grilla Grills Chimp Review

Grilla Grills Chimp Features


The large cooking area of the Chimp provides a total of 460 square inches. The bottom rack takes up 340 sq in and top half as much more at 120 Sq Inches!

Though compact, the portable smoker is capable of cooking food with plenty of space to spare. The top rack can be removed when you need additional height or load up on some ribs and vegetables in what’s a pretty versatile machine!

Heat is circulated inside by the blower fan so you’ll find that even when using different grates to cook your food on all four sides at once, there are only minor differences in temperature between them.

The Chimp pellet smoker has a hopper that can hold up to 15 pounds at one time. This portable model will get you 10-15 hours of smoking on the go, which is more than enough for most home uses without having too refill it often!


Grilla Grills has invested a lot of time and money into making their product as high-quality as possible. The Chimp is built from heavy duty steel with stainless components, which means it won’t just fall apart after one use like other cheaper models might do for you! It also features 3 layers to protect against weather damage– welded seams that ensure durability; powder coating over all exterior surfaces so they don’t rust ever again plus caulking around joints where necessary make this grill especially tightfitting when assembled correctly.

When it comes to durability, nothing beats stainless steel. The Grilla Grill has made sure that their smoker will last longer than any other pellet smokers out there by using this valuable material in many places where they could have otherwise used regular cast iron or aluminum instead!

With a temperature range that goes all the way down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit, this smoker will provide you with delicious food no matter what season it may be. You won’t need any extra gear because its insulated cooking chamber keeps your meats warm even on freezing days!

Whether you live in a cold place or not, the insulation of this product will make it an ideal choice for your home. The fuel efficiency boost helps keep running costs lower and there’s no need to worry about being too hot during winter time!

When it comes to portability, there are some concerns with the folding legs on pellet grills. But Grilla has designed an easy-to use set that you can put away by yourself without any damage being done! They’re fairly steady even if they aren’t thickest out. Their thoughness was definitely one of their better decisions so far.


With 2 years warranty. They’re known for great customer service, so if you ever experience any problems with your portable pellet grill in the next two years I recommend contacting them directly to resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Smoking And Grilling

There is always the debate of PID vs non-PID. With a PID controller, you will get more steady temperatures and results but they don’t produce quite as much smoke compared to traditional methods of cooking that use monitoring fires or meat thermometers for tracking everything from flame height down into your smoker’s oven door every second until its finished!

When a non-PID controller is used, the smoker may see temperature swings of up to 30°F +/- of your target. This means that when you need to bring it back up again for another cook session this can result in more smoke being absorbed into any meat placed inside – which will produce even better flavors!

With the convection fans and built-in meat thermometer, you can easily monitor your cooked food without opening up or going outside. Simply set temperature preferences (5°F increments) then leave it to do its job! You’ll be able maintain a steady pace with this unit as long as there are no hiccups—even if that means not checking on what’s happening inside until after dinner has been served.

When it comes to grilling, the Chimp is a real pro. It can hold any temperature above 450°F up to 500°F and will still give you that delicious sizzle with just enough sear for good measure! The best part? You don’t need an open flame or charcoal grill because this baby has allnegative ions so your food gets grilled from both sides without ever getting too hot – making sure there’s no risk in burnt fingers during mealtime bliss.

The Chimp is a decent grill, but we think that the fuel usage and indirect heat make the grilling is not optimal. It can be used for occasional sessions when you want something less complex than pellet smokers or other more traditional types of grills might provide; however they were designed specifically so that users would forget about their food while setting up an event–not focus on cooking anything specific!

Key Features

Complete your outdoor kitchen with this smoker that includes the Chimp, controller, and a rugged cover to protect it from rain or snow.

The perfect all-inclusive smoking and grilling machine! This portable high quality wood pellet grill provides Slow & Low Smoking capabilities, Fast & Hot Grilling. Sear, bake, smoke, or roast your way through countless recipes with this versatile unit that will do it all on one – the easy transport smoker.

You can’t go wrong with this smoker. With a variety of flavors and the ability to customize your food, it’s hard not find an option that suits you!

The dual-mode controller is equipped with two separate settings that can be adjusted to suit your cooking needs. Whether you want precise temperature control or high yields of smoke, this device has got it all! Non wifi operated and automated feeding system make sure there are no worries while using the 15 LB hopper so load up those pots quickly before someone else gets them first.

The most efficient fuel use in the coldest environments. insulated barrel with 2 layers is perfect for freezing weather, and can be used throughout year without fear of rusting or corrosion caused by saltwater environment exposure like other barrels on market do! Excellent customer service with 2-year warranty makes this product worth buying even when there are cheaper options available at first glance


– Save money with a great price.

– Durable construction for years of use.

– Get perfectly cooked food, time after time.

– Enjoy smoky flavor without the hassle.

– Remote access to your stove from anywhere in the world.

– The temperature will not get too low or too high. 

– The insulating chamber will help you save money on fuel and cook without a separate blanket.

– Even heat distribution for perfectly cooked food.

– You can use this product at home. 

– Legs fold up for easy storage.


– The pellet hopper cannot be emptied easily.

– Grilling with a pellet grill is not ideal because it has unreliable heat.

The Benefits Of Using A Pellet Smoker

Easy to use. Pellet smokers are easy to use at home too because it produces no flame or actual heat source directly from the firebox, cooking is done via convection and conduction. In fact, a pellet smoker is perfect if you don’t have access to electricity during a power outage! And this is why it’s becoming increasingly popular around the world.

It makes no smoke – You can be in contact with your family or friends while you’re cooking because there’s no toxic fumes that emit from a wood-fired smoker.

More flavorful meat – The flavor of smoked food comes from burning wood chips/pellets which causes creosote to build up on the inside of your smoker (and on the meat). This can add a bitter taste to your food.

A pellet smoker only heats the pellets and this results in tasty, flavorful and healthy food!

Less of a mess – Unlike traditional smokers which emit creosote that sticks on your grill and has to be cleaned every time you use it (which is every night for some people) , there’s no such thing with a pellet smoker. You don’t even need water or an oven cleaner because there’s almost no cleanup involved after you’re done cooking; just empty the ash pan once in awhile and wipe down the racks… It’s THAT easy!

Affordable – The initial cost of a pellet smoker is expensive but you’ll start saving up on pellets and electricity as soon as you start to use it! And pellets are cheaper than wood chips.

Provides consistent results – Unlike traditional smokers that let out variable amounts of heat depending on the weather or wind flow, your pellet smoker will always cook at the same temperature regardless of climate conditions because it’s an electronic thermometer which continuously measures the grill temperature and sends this information to a computer chip (in most models).

You can multitask – With a pellet smoker, you can smoke meat overnight while keeping warm air inside, leave your meats for hours without overcooking them (for people who work late), and cook other dishes at the same time.

Delicious smoked food – Food cooked in pellet smokers is even better than traditional wood-fired smokers because you can smoke meat overnight without overcooking it, giving it hours of warm air inside for flavors to mingle. Also, there’s no need to keep adding wood chips so your grill doesn’t run out of ‘fuel’ during long cooks which makes your meats more flavorful!


What Is A Pellet Smoker?

A pellet smoker is similar to a traditional electric or propane powered grill, but with some key differences. The most notable difference between pellet smokers and traditional grills are the cooking temperatures. Pellet smokers allow you to cook under an actual wood fire at very high indirect cooking temperatures over 200° Fahrenheit. At these smoking temps it is possible for meat to absorb wood smoke flavors, but not beyond the temperature of your pellet grill.

What’s Unique About A Pellet Smoker?

The biggest difference between pellet smokers and traditional gas or charcoal grills is how they are powered. Gas or charcoal grills use igniting burners that literally emit flames onto the cooking surface below them. A pellet smoker works differently by using electricity to light up its auger which in turn heats wood pellets that are fed into an internal chamber within the grill where they are burnt producing heat and smoke . Wood pellets are made from sawdust compressed under high pressure so it burns hotter than propane or natural gas alone. The higher you set the auger on a pellet smoker the hotter it will burn.

What Are Some Advantages Of Owning A Pellet Smoker?

It’s obvious that smoking food with wood pellets can be delicious, but there are many reasons why you want to own one, including convenience and cost-effectiveness. First off pellet smokers are easier to use than traditional gas or charcoal grills because you don’t have to deal with lighting up some big pile of wood pellets every time your grill is running low on fuel. All you have to do is flip a switch on the pellet smoker control panel and light up the auger until more pellets are fed into the heating chamber. It is possible for some pellets smokers to run for several hours on a single load of fuel.

Smokers run hot so you can easily use them as a kitchen or outdoor oven to cook all kinds of meat and vegetables at any time of year even in the dead of winter. Unlike gas or charcoal grills pellet smokers don’t emit heat and strong smoke which means they’re not dangerous like traditional grills. Pellet smokers operate at a much lower temperature which allows you to grill food with wood flavor without burning your food or adding carcinogenic byproducts from combustion gases into your meals. When it comes to convenience, less mess, and flexibility, there is no way around using a pellet smoker for outdoor cooking.

How To Use A Pellet Smoker?

So the first step in learning how to use a pellet smoker is knowing what kind of pellets are used. The main types of pellets are made from different woods like maple, hickory, or oak with different flavors depending on which wood you use. You can get more information about pellet smokers and the types of pellets they typically use by checking out our article about the best pellet smokers.

Next, you want to set up your smoker just like you would a gas grill. Pellet smokers run hot, so it is important that they have a good amount of space between them and anything flammable within several feet, especially if you’ll be using a water pan as an indirect heat source like most pellet smokers do. For many models of pellet smokers, you can get a grill grate here.

You want to load the pellets into your fuel hopper at the top of your pellet smoker and be sure they’re spread out evenly without any big chunks of hardwood blocking the auger from feeding more pellets. The built-in temperature sensor is also very important because it helps determine just how hot your heater element gets on a real-time basis so that all your internal cooking temps stay consistent throughout your cook. A lot of people don’t realize this but using an external thermometer is one of the best methods for determining proper cooking temperatures on pellet grills.

Why Use Pellet Smoker?

If you’re new to pellet smokers and the benefits of using wood pellets for cooking, it might be a little counter-intuitive at first. After all your grill did just run out of propane gas and now you have a bunch of cold meat hanging around waiting to get warm again. Let’s look into some reasons why it’s worth investing in a pellet smoker when you have propane gas.

Pellet smokers burn hotter and cleaner than propane or natural gas grills because they use compressed wood pellets instead of bulky tank propane. Because most meats need to be cooked for hours at a time, it is much more convenient to cook them in a smoker where the pellets are already burned down to make them smolder instead of manually adding more logs every few hours. It is also worth noting that pellet smokers require much less attention than propane or natural gas grills because they are automated – you basically load it with the correct amount of pellets and turn it on.

The flavor of wood smoked meats is unbeatable, especially if you like BBQ. The flavor comes from the type of woods used in your smoker. For most people, it’s hard to beat hickory or applewood when smoking meat because they’re both fairly mild in their flavors whereas oak can be a little overpowering depending on the cut of meat you’re using. Convenience is another great benefit since all have to do is set up the smoker and wait for the internal temperature to hit the mark. All pellet smokers have a built-in meat thermometer, so you can set it and forget it. This makes pellet smokers great for beginners who aren’t used to checking their internal temperatures repeatedly throughout the cook.

What Will The Chimp Not Do?

Currently, it is important to note that the Chimp does not support probes and/or fan control (yet). If your cooker does not have a gas grill or pellet grill controller, we recommend you buy one of those first. Once you get the hang of controlling your cooker with a probe and/or fan, then purchase a Chimpmometer because it works with all grills!

Can I Smoke Meat With Just Wood Chips?

No, the only way to get consistent smoke flavor is by using whole wood pellets or logs.  When using just chunks of wood, they must be burned very hot, which will result in more of a “charcoal taste” than traditional BBQ.  Also the temperature of the cooking chamber will depend on how much wood is added.  This can result in temperature fluctuations that may not work well for the type of food you are cooking at that time, or it can take longer than expected to cook your food.

How Do You Operate A Pellet Smoker?

To turn the unit on, plug it in and press the power button to start cooking. To increase or decrease temperature, adjust the controls according to your desired heat source. To smoke a meat, place a small amount of wood pellets into the fuel cup that is located next to the heating element. Then prepare your meat for smoking by rubbing it down with seasonings or marinade and place it inside of the smoker. Plug in your smoker and set your desired cooking temperature from 150F – 500F degrees depending on what type/ thickness of meat you are cooking. Set your desired smoke time and press the start button to begin cooking.

What Type Of Foods Can You Cook With A Pellet Smoker?

The pellet smoker is great for cooking all kinds of meats such as beef, pork, chicken, fish and more. In addition to meat, this unit works well for smoking vegetables such as eggplant or sweet potatoes. You can also use the grill function on the smoker to make classic dishes like pizza or even bread!


The Grilla Chimp is a great smoker for the money. It has all of the features that you would want in a smoker, and it is very easy to use. I highly recommend this smoker to anyone who wants an easy-to-use smoker that produces great results.

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