Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Which Is Better?

Summer is the perfect time to pack your bags and go camping! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced camper, there’s always something new to learn, especially about the grills. Camp Chef Vs Green Moutain, you are considering between two brands? Camp Chef is a well-known and respected brand in the outdoor cooking industry. They offer a wide variety of camping stoves, grills, and other cooking gear. Green Mountain is also a well-known brand, specializing in pellet grills. So, which one is better?

In this blog post, we will compare two types of grillsCamp Chef vs Green Mountain to help you decide which one is the best fit for your needs. Moreover, we also give some real comparisons for you to know more about Camp Chef and Green Mountain.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain

What Is The Camp Chef?

Camp Chef is a brand name for outdoor cooking equipment such as stoves, (propane-fueled) grills, and related accessories. For over ten years, Camp Chef has been making durable products like stainless steel appliances. The company was founded in 1996 and became an industry leader by producing the kind of easy-to-use outdoor kitchen appliances that we all love, like smokers and other luxuries designed for outdoor functionality.

Camp Chef has always been about one thing: COOKING OUTSIDE! Over many years they’ve gotten feedback from their customers who have asked them to make more convenient products with better quality at great prices – so they did it! They began designing products with the consumer in mind because people want “simple” camping gear that works. They’ve received countless awards and recognition for their products, including the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval.

The History Of The Camp Chef

Camp Chef has been around for over 10 years. Over the course of those years, they have evolved to include even more great products that are easy to use and just plain work! They’ve also continued to improve their world-class customer service by hiring the best people who know Camp Chef’s products inside and out, so you can be confident that your concerns will be handled right away.

Their best-selling product is The SmokePro™, a pellet grill that was first introduced in 2008. The SmokePro™ has since become an industry standard among many other brands thanks to the ease of use and delicious food it delivers. It features real wood pellets along with adjustable temperature control which allows you to cook high heat or low heat depending on what you desire.

What Is The Green Mountain?

The Green Mountain Grills brand is a step above in many ways. Their grills are made with 304-grade stainless steel, with no chrome or spray-on finishes that scratch off over time. They all have solid-state electronic controls which allow for more precise temperature control and even cooling to keep your food cooking perfectly! The GMG Davy Crockett is the only pellet grill in its class because it has one of the most advanced digital thermostat controllers on the market. The controller is easy to use and takes very little time to master, even if you have never used a pellet grill before.

The Green Mountain Grills brand also offers its products in an array of colors which allows consumers to find the one that best suits their style, making the GMG Grills collection a great option for campers! In fact, our general manager at Camp Chef purchased his Davy Crockett model in bright green because he likes how it stands out from everyone else’s.

The History Of The Green Mountain?

Green Mountain Grills was founded in 2008. They’re an American company based in the state of Vermont that believes that outdoor cooking is a tradition worth protecting and one that can be enjoyed with friends and family for generations to come.

Their products are easy-to-use and highly functional, allowing today’s active outdoorsman and outdoorswoman to cook as their forefathers did before them – most likely over a campfire! This brand is quickly becoming a leader in the industry by creating innovative solutions for better grilling performance and delivering high quality with exceptional customer service.

Where Do Camp Chefs Come From?

Like a lot of various other suppliers nowadays, Camp Chef pellet smokers are made in China. Utah is home to its headquarters. All of the prototyping and testing takes place here.

Where Are Green Mountain Grills Manufactured?

Green Mountain Grills are made in China as well.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: The Comparison – Key Differences 

Whether you’re looking for a specific model or want to compare brands initially, there are a few key areas where your search will be concentrated. So, let’s see how Camp Chef and Green Mountain stack up against one other in these key areas.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Construction

Camp Chef: Camp Chef does not offer an all stainless steel construction like Green Mountain Grills with 304-grade stainless steel.

Green Mountain: 

The entire body and lid of the grill are made from 304-grade, high polished stainless steel which means it is 5X more durable than other grills on the market! It also has no chrome or spray-on finishes that scratch off over time. GMG designs their products to last a lifetime – they’re built to be used hard and taken care of properly!

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Design

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef uses a thin metal gauge for its cast-iron cooking grates. This thin gauge allows heat transfer quickly and causes flare-ups as grease drips onto the burners. Additionally, there is little space between the grate and the lid allowing for minimal airflow.

Green Mountain: 

Green Mountain Grills use high-quality, heavy-duty cast-iron grates which allow heat transfer from all sides of the grill cooking surface – with no hot spots! Additionally, there is space between each grate and the lid to make sure there is optimal airflow as well as a large internal cooking area – 640 inches across by 450 deep!

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Temperature Range

Camp Chef:

The temperature range of Camp Chef is comparable, with a minimum of 160°F and a high of 500°F. However, because their settings leap in 25°F increments, you don’t have as much flexibility as you would with a regular 225 or 450.

Green Mountain:

The temperature range of the Green Mountain Grills controller is 150°F to 550°F. The portable Davy Crockett is an exception, since it gets a bit hotter, reaching a maximum temperature of 550°F. For really exact temperature control, all may be altered in 5°F increments. However, Camp Chef’s Woodwind, SG, and Pursuit Portable smokers all have Slide and Grill technology for cooking over an open flame. By moving the lever across, you’ll uncover the pellet fire under the heat deflector plate and raise the temperature to an estimated 650°F.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Direct-Flame Access

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef grills have an ash catcher that makes it easy to remove ash without any dangerous exposure to direct flame. However, the grill has to be on its side or upside down for this feature, making it tricky when trying to cook different items at different levels of heat on the same grill. 

Green Mountain: 

GMG grills are designed with a lid holder which enables you to keep your food in the grill while you open the lid – creating less exposure time and energy loss! You can also operate each GMG model’s lid without tools thanks to built-in hardware. Additionally, their large hopper size means that pellet fuel will last longer between fill ups, decreasing exposure even more! 

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Temperature Control

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef uses a single dial temperature control at the bottom of the grill to keep track of the internal temperature. It also does not have an advanced programming function or an advanced meat probe like their GMG competition model to closely monitor your food as it cooks – and this is very important for those who want accurate temperature readings throughout their cook!

Green Mountain: 

GMG’s digital controller has a temperature range between 100°F and 450°F which allows you to smoke, grill, and bake with precision just like you would in your backyard kitchen oven! There is also an advanced meat probe included with all Green Mountain Grills which works alongside their patented Snap & Smoke technology to precisely monitor your food while it cooks so you get perfectly cooked meals, every time!

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Wifi/ App Control 

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef offers a wifi-enabled grill but it is compatible only with the premium app and not its free app. This wifi feature allows you to monitor and control your cook from any phone or tablet within 100 feet of the grill – which is pretty amazing! However, Camp Chef’s portable model doesn’t have this function.

Green Mountain: 

The GMG Davy Crockett comes with wifi connectivity and control through an iOS or Android app. The same great features that you would get without the app are included plus additional features such as live monitoring, notifications when your food has finished cooking, pre-heating alerts, real-time adjustment of temperatures and cooking modes, and much, much more! 

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Warranty

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef offers a 3-year warranty on their grills which is pretty good, but not as good as their competitors. 

Green Mountain: 

GMG offers a 5-year warranty on almost all of their grills which is amazing! They also offer a 3-year warranty for the Jim Bowie, the only grill they make with a lower warranty than their other brands.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Cooking Space

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef:  The compact model from Camp Chef has 501 square inches on two racks, while the normal range has 1,200 square inches. There’s also the XXL WiFi Vertical, which has a massive 2,400 square inches and is perfect for hunters, large families, or anybody with a big appetite.

Green Mountain:

In comparison to Camp Chef, Green Mountain’s barbecues offer a narrower size range. It comes in sizes ranging from 219 square inches in the smallest to 658 square inches in the biggest. However, the peaked lid design provides additional height, which is excellent for bigger pieces such as entire turkeys or even tiny whole hogs.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Pellet Hopper Size

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef pellet hoppers range in size from 12 to 18 pounds. This makes it difficult to cook for a large group of people and the pellets may need to be refilled more often than expected! 

Green Mountain: 

GMG pellet hoppers hold up to 20 pounds of pellets, making them perfect for large family gatherings and parties where you want to grill all day long without stopping to refill your hopper. Additionally, this is especially important when smoking low and slow because you don’t want your smoker running out of fuel partway through cooking! 

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Additional Features

Camp Chef: 

This brand has all the bells and whistles, coming with removable legs for portability, an ash catcher that makes cleanup easier, a built-in bottle opener (lol), and even included high heat grill gloves – which is pretty funny considering you never want to grab your grill’s surface with your bare hands anyway! 

Green Mountain: 

GMG may not have the same individual features as Camp Chef but their grills are packed with additional benefits such as large hopper size, wifi connectivity, larger cooking area than other brands at this price point, a 5-year warranty on most models compared to 3 years from Camp Chef.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Availability

Camp Chef: 

Camp Chef grills and smokers can be purchased in many places such as Lowes, Home Depot, and even online through Amazon. They also offer a wide range of colors to choose from!

Green Mountain: 

GMG offers their Jim Bowie Grill in just one color – black. It is available on their website and eligible for free shipping if you spend $49 or more. 

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain: Price 

Camp Chef: 

Like Green Mountain Grills, Camp Chef offers quality grills at a moderate price point. However, their grills are closer to the lower end of the price spectrum. For example, the Davy Crockett model is less expensive than its GMG competition model – but with fewer features.

Green Mountain: 

On average, you will spend more money on Green Mountain Grill products than you will on their competitor’s brands – with better quality! Additionally, they offer many free bonus features not included in most other grill packages which means you will get an amazing value when purchasing a GMG grill!

Is One The Best? Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain, Which Should You Choose?

Pellet smokers from Camp Chef and Green Mountain are surprisingly comparable. With either of these manufacturers, you can obtain premium stainless steel components and WiFi at a very reasonable price.

But, because we enjoy Camp Chef’s Slide and Grill technology, which takes cooking on a pellet smoker to new heights, and their accurate PID temperature controls in general, we’d choose Camp Chef.

That isn’t to imply that Green Mountain isn’t a good choice.

The newer GMG Trek, especially if you’re looking for a portable model, is robust and solid, offers WiFi instead of the Camp Chef Pursuit’s lack of it, and the 12V power connection means you won’t need to buy or carry an inverter to connect it to your car. Great!

However, if you’re looking for a backyard smoker, Camp Chef has a nice selection of sizes and models to fit your budget, as well as the option of adding a natural-gas side burner for a complete exclusive solution.

Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain Comparisons Of Real Grills

If you like to see what your money can buy, have a look at the comparisons between Camp Chef and Green Mountain models below.

Camp Chef SmokePro Slide Smoker Vs. GMG 2020 Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett

SmokePro Slide Smoker by Camp Chef

Camp Chef has created this model, which is a versatile grill. It may be used for a variety of tasks, including grilling, baking, smoking, roasting, and barbecuing.

  • PID Controller (Digital):

A generation 2 PID controller with 1-10 smoke settings is included with the grill. PID stands for proportional integral derivative, and it employs a feedback loop to regulate the heat to meet the needs. These are the most reliable and precise controllers for controlling the process variables.

  • Ash Cleaning System:

It features an ash cleanout mechanism that is simple to use. All you have to do is pull the lever, and the ash will fall into the cup. This is a unique feature of this grill; no other grill has it. This means you won’t have to work as hard with the vacuum, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the meal.

  • Easy to Assemble: 

The grill is really simple to put together. It simply takes a few minutes to put together and cook on. Burgers and steaks can be seared in seconds.

  • Large Cooking Area: 

The grill includes a detachable and adjustable 8 – 11-inch cooking surface that can accommodate a lot of food. As a result of this feature, it is a grill that can be used for large gatherings, as its huge cooking surface can accommodate a large number of people.

  • Direct Flame Mode: 

The grill can cook food over direct heat, which is ideal for steaks. Convection ovens are also used to cook food. There are two completely adjustable top shelves as well.


– Simple ash removal mechanism.

– Simple to put together.

– There is a large cooking surface.

– PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) digital control.


– According to user reports, it may not turn on at times.

Green Mountain Grill 2020 Davy Crockett

Green Mountain is a beautiful place. The ultimate portable barbecue is Davy Crockett. It’s a grill/smoker with a digital Wi-Fi controller that you can use with your iOS or Android phone applications to operate and monitor.

It has a meat probe on it. During cooking, this meat probe thermometer is used to determine the interior temperature of the dish. A Sense-Mate, a thermal sensor that continually monitors the grill’s temperature, is also included with the grill.

  • Probe Thermometer For Meat:

The grill contains a built-in meat probe thermometer that keeps track of the food’s temperature throughout the cooking process. This function keeps track of the food’s interior temperature.

  • Wi-Fi connected: 

The grill is Wi-Fi equipped, which means you can operate it with your smartphone or tablet (iOS, through an Android device). This feature makes controlling the grill from a distance quite simple.

  • Sense-Mate: 

The GMG 2020 Green Mountain Davy Crockett grill has a temperature sensor called Sense-Mate. It continuously monitors the grill heat, allowing you to save time and effort while enjoying your cuisine more.


– It’s simple to use.

– An effective temperature control system.

– Wi-Fi is available.

– A thermometer for measuring the temperature of the meat.


– Heat distribution may be uneven at times. 

Mid-Size And Mid-Range Options: Camp Chef vs Green Mountain

Camp Chef Woodwind 24

In this model, Camp Chef has used a new technology that they call “Wind Wings.” These wings help to distribute heat more effectively throughout the grill. The heat is distributed on top of it as well as inside. This helps with faster and more even cooking results.

  • PID Controller: 

The controller on the grill is a PID controller with 1-10 settings. The temperature of the grill can be controlled very precisely with this feature. You won’t have any problems cooking your food at specific temperatures according to preference due to the ability for precise control over temperature which is great! It also reduces cold spots within the cooker which makes for better cooking overall.

  • Ash Removal System: 

An ash removal system that is simple to use is included with the grill. A simple pull of the lever, and the ash falls into a collection cup below. You won’t have to get your hands dirty or use a vacuum when using this system which is great!

  • Easy to Assemble: 

The grill is really easy to put together. It should take an individual around 15 minutes to get it out of the box and assembled properly for cooking. The appearance is also very sleek and modern looking too, which will match most backyard decor due to its good looks.

  • Top Shelf: 

Being able to adjust top shelves allows for a versatile cooking situation, as you can cook large quantities of food at one time easily. Two top racks are included with the unit allowing you plenty of space to cook a lot of food!


– Two top racks included.

– Large cooking surface is very large with 240 square inches being included in this model. This is almost double what the SmokePro offers at around 133 square inches. This makes it good if you have a larger family or you plan on using it for entertainment purposes.

– Allows precise control over temperature settings due to the PID controller making it versatile and useful for different types of foods being cooked on it, as well as different settings that individuals prefer for cooking foods such as meats, vegetables, etc.


– A small grease tray is included which means more cleaning up after use may be.

GMG Ledge SS

This model is known for having many different cooking areas. It has three stainless steel burners that are fully Stellite-lined which helps with the longevity of the grill, as well as making it efficient at distributing heat evenly across it. The grill also includes a large reverse-flow convection fan at its rear part to keep even temperatures throughout the entire unit too.

  • Built-in Temperature Gauge: 

An integrated temperature gauge is included to make checking on food easy and efficient. This allows you to check your food without opening up the lid since this will let out heat, thus making your grilling time longer overall, which is something no one wants! Open lids mean higher chances of charring your food quickly, which results in a less than desirable experience.

  • PID Controller: 

Data shows that it is more useful to have a PID controller on a grill because it allows for an exact amount of control over the temperature setting since the cooking process requires you to be able to get your food at specific cooking temperatures that individuals prefer. This helps increase efficiency and speed within the cooking process too. This also reduces cold spots within the grilling area making it better overall in terms of cooking abilities.

  • Hopper: 

The hopper is a large one with around 3.5 lbs of capacity which makes it efficient at holding more than enough fuel for hours upon hours of grilling needs, without the need for refilling throughout the cooking process. This reduces downtime, and increases your overall efficiency on the grill!

  • Top Shelf: 

Being able to adjust top shelves allows for a versatile cooking situation, as you can cook large quantities of food at one time easily. Two top racks are included with the unit allowing you plenty of space to cook a lot of food!


– Three stainless steel burners that are fully Stellite-lined which allow for durability and longevity over time (up to 10 years), as well as being efficient at distributing heat evenly over the cooking surface.

– The large reverse-flow convection fan is included allowing for even temperatures throughout the entire unit which makes it great if you are using it to cook food that requires specific cooking temperatures.


– A small grease tray is included which means more cleaning up after use may be.

Conclusion On Camp Chef Vs Green Mountain

In conclusion, Camp Chef vs Green Mountain, which one is a better option for you? To summarize, Camp Chef has been a trusted brand in outdoor cooking for many years, and its products are top quality. However, with the release of the Green Mountain Pellet Grill, GMG has definitely made a name for itself in the pellet grill market. Camp Chef vs Green Mountain – both brands offer similar features, but there are some key differences that may make one or the other more appealing to you as a consumer. We hope this comparison has helped you decide which brand is right for you.


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