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Best Propane Grills

Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Propane Grills?

A propane grill is one of the best outdoor products to own. It can be used to cook all sorts of meals, either for yourself or guests. Before you buy a propane grill, there are some factors that will determine its quality.

Number Of Burners

When choosing your grill you have to decide how many burners it should have. The number of burners on the grill will determine the number of food items that you can cook at once. If you are planning on hosting a small get-together, then one burner would suffice. However, if you’re planning on cooking for more than 4 people, then you should go for a 4 or more burner grill.


The size of the grill’s cooking surface can also determine its quality. A wide grill will be able to accommodate more food items at once, while a narrower one only cooks less at a time. If you are planning on getting numerous plates out for your guests, they have a wider grill. However, if you are just cooking for yourself or a few friends, then it would be just fine to have a narrower grill.

Types Of Propane Grills

There are a number of types of propane grills to choose from, and these include:

Rotisserie Driven Propane Grills – If you are planning on roasting chicken, hamburgers, or hotdogs then this would be the best propane grill to get. This type of grill actually generates smoke, which imparts flavor to foods. You can use it for more than just meat too; vegetables taste great when cooked through the use of a rotisserie-driven grill.

Propane Traeger Grills – This is one of the most sought-after grills when it comes to roasts and roasting meats such as chicken, burgers, and hotdogs. These types of grills can attach to your truck with ease so they can easily be taken with you.

Propane Gas Grills – This is the type of grill that uses propane gas to generate heat. While it is not as effective in roasting meat, they are quite popular because of their portability and ease of use. They can be used for grilling simple dishes such as hotdogs or hamburgers.

Folding Design

This is an essential factor to consider when buying a propane grill. When they are folded, it makes them easier to carry around when you are on the go. Additionally, it can be stored in your car or truck when camping or hunting out in the woods.

Build Quality

The build quality of a propane grill is very important. If the material used to create it is subpar, then you might run into problems during use. The durability of the grills depends on what they are made up of, so try to avoid models that have plastic parts. Since aluminum bars are slimmer than ones made out of steel, the former is often used to make grills. These types of frames are flexible, so they can be used easily by people for a long time.


Casters allow for easy mobility of the grill. They are also used to provide safety so that you do not have to lift them up by yourself. Make sure that the casters are big enough so that it does not get stuck when being moved around.


Like the casters, wheels are just as important too. They can easily move a grill from one place to another with ease. This is very convenient for people who cook at their homes and then just carry it outside since they don’t have to lift it up by themselves.

Lid Lock

There will be times when you want to keep your grill from opening up by itself. For those who want to cook their food with the grill closed, then this is a very useful feature to look for in your next propane grill.

The Grilling Surface

Some models of propane grills only allow for one cooking surface. Since they are meant to cook smaller food items, you can expect them to be narrower and shorter than larger grills. However, if you want to roast ribs or bigger meats like burgers or chicken then it would be best to choose a grill with 2 or more burners on it.

Infrared Burners

Some types of propane grills have installed infrared burners on them. These are designed to help you cook your food faster while producing more heat in the process. If you are looking for a grill that can quickly cater to all of your guests, then this is the best type of propane grill to get.

Safety Features

It is important for you to check the type of safety features that are installed in your propane grill. This will help prevent any accidents from happening while the grill is on. One of the most important safety features that you should look out for is a side burner safety guard, which gives users full control over their grills with added security.


BTUs refer to the total amount of energy that a grill puts out. The higher the number, the more powerful it will be, and thus, cook your food faster. Some grills have their BTUs displayed prominently on their product descriptions. If you are looking for a smaller grill that can quickly do its job then go with one that has a higher BTU level.

Ease of Use

The usability of a propane grill is also an important factor to consider. If you are looking for one that you can carry around with ease like when camping or on vacation, then make sure that it has casters and wheels to help you out. Being able to use your propane grill with ease is key to having an enjoyable time when you cook your food.

Grate Material

A grill can be made out of different types of metals, so choose one that is durable and easy to clean. If you want your propane grill to last for a long time, then go with the ones that have porcelain-coated grates which don’t rust easily.

Even-Heat Distribution

Even heat distribution allows for your food to cook evenly without getting burned. If you are having problems with this, then make sure that the grill has many burners on it since they help distribute heat more quickly.

Additional Features

Some of the best propane grills can be modified by adding some additional features to them, such as a roasting basket or even a rotisserie. You can also add side burners to it to make cooking easier and faster at the same time.

Ease Of Cleaning

You should also check to see how easy it is for you to clean your propane grill after cooking. Most of the time, the grills that are made with porcelain-coated grates require less effort when it comes to cleaning them up.


When it comes to portability, some appliances are just made better than others. If you want your grill to be as portable as possible then look for one with casters and wheels attached to the bottom of it. This allows you to move it from place to place without any hassles or having to lift up a heavy appliance on your own.

Easy Maintenance

It is best that you go with a propane grill that has parts that are easy to maintain since it will save you quite a bit of time in the long run. The cleaner your grill, the easier it will be for you to use it again without spending too much effort on maintaining it.

Lid Handle

Having a strong and durable lid handle is very important, especially if you are always using your propane grill. If it is made out of cheap metal or even plastic then chances are that you will have problems taking care of the lid when you need to.


Propane grills are known to be quite expensive, especially the high-end ones that can cost you a lot of money. You don’t need to spend a fortune just for a propane grill since there are affordable options that will work just as well.

Propane grills can come in different styles, sizes, and materials, so it is best that you consider all of your options before buying one. If you don’t want to purchase an expensive grill then go for those that are cheaper in price but will still do the job that you need them to do.


What Is A Propane Grill?

A propane grill is a grilling appliance that uses compressed gas (usually propane) to cook food. It can also use natural gas which burns slightly cleaner than propane.

Propane grills are incredibly versatile. The fuel they run on means you don’t have to worry about charcoal, fires, or lighter fluid – just turn it on and start cooking! They’re also very easy to transport meaning that if you need to move house you won’t need to buy another grill – simply keep your current one and take it with you!

How Does A Propane Grill Work?

A propane grill is basically a box with an open top (the lid) and a hinged front (the door). The burner section sits on top of the metal cooking grate. When you light the gas it spreads across the heating element, heats up, and starts to produce heat. You can control how powerful this heat gets by altering the control valve above the burner.

Propane grills work very similarly but instead use natural gas which gives off more energy than propane meaning that they’re slightly bigger, hotter, and give food more flavor!

How To Use A Propane Grill?

The first step is to make sure that the grill has been correctly assembled. There should be no loose parts and it should line up perfectly when closed. The next step is to turn on your gas supply (if you’re not using a gas one already). Then attach the propane cylinder, open the outlet valve and light the burner with a match or lighter.

When cooking, check that there’s enough room in front of the burners for air to flow freely whilst still preventing flying objects from landing in them (you don’t want anything setting fire to your food!). From here on it’s simply a case of following any instructions that came with your grill and adding some nice flavoring!

How Many BTU Does Your Propane Grill Needs?

BTU, or British Thermal Units, is a measurement of how much energy your grill needs to produce in order for it to get hot enough. The higher the number of BTUs your grill has the hotter and more powerful it will be! Many people believe that grills with high BTU ratings give off better-tasting food; this is not actually true however as there are other factors that contribute such as ventilation and how clean your grate is (so try and keep this up!).

Does My Gas Grill Come With A Propane Grill?

Most propane grills come with a standard grill top however you can purchase different types. If you want to cook more than one type of food at a time on your grill then perhaps look for a model that has a flat plate and a ridged plate so you can cook both fish and meat!

Is Propane Grill Or Natural Gas Grill More Expensive?

Both propane and natural gas grills have the same amount of energy inside them however natural gas is slightly more efficient so you’ll be able to cook for longer. Natural gas is slightly more expensive as well as being harder to install so really it’s a matter of preference!

How To Grill Burgers On A Propane Grill?

The best way to grill a burger on a propane grill is to first heat up a cast iron fry pan or griddle for a couple of minutes. If you’ve got an infrared grill then it should be ready by now!

Next, make burgers from ground beef and season well with salt, pepper, and any other flavors you like. The seasoning won’t burn as the burgers themselves don’t reach high enough temperatures however they will heat up slightly and take on some flavor. Once your burger is cooked remove it from the pan and leave to rest whilst still covered with foil.

When you’re ready place the burgers into the frying pan and allow them to brown for just one minute on each side – this will result in beautifully charred meat! Remove them again and serve on buns with whatever toppings you like – cheese, onion, bacon, etc.

Is It Possible To Grill A Steak On One Of These Propane Grills?

The best way to grill a steak on a propane grill is to first heat up another cast iron frying pan or griddle for five minutes. Season your steak with salt and pepper, brush lightly with oil and create crosshatch patterns in the meat using a knife – this will help it hold onto the seasoning.

Once the pan has heated place the steak inside it for around one minute on each side (if you like rarer steaks then keep them in for slightly less). Don’t be afraid to lift them out of the pan every now and again as they are cooking so that any juices being released can drip down into the pan rather than all over your cooker! Leave them to rest whilst still covered in foil for around ten minutes.

Can I Hook Up Natural Gas To My Propane Grill?

If you already have an existing natural gas line then it should be pretty straightforward to connect your propane grill up! All you will need is a hose and regulator as well as a connector.

Once the new lines are put in place turn on the indoor and outdoor grill controls inside your house (you can usually find these on or near the thermostat). Turn on the gas at the outdoor propane tank and press the ignitor button – you should see it light up!

Most people find that they can hook up their grill themselves however if you are struggling or unsure then call a professional.

How To Grill Ribs On A Propane Grill?

The best way to grill ribs on a propane grill is to start off with spare ribs by removing all the meat from the bones. Coat these in your favourite barbecue sauce and place them on a foil-lined baking tray whilst you heat up the grill for around five minutes.

Next, place them under a preheated infrared or gas grill for around 15 minutes, rolling them every now and again to make sure they are evenly cooked. They should be dark in color once done – if not leave them for a minute or two longer! Finally, put the ribs back on the grill to cook for another couple of minutes until they are nice and sticky. Remove from heat and serve with your choice of sides.

What’s The Best Way To Clean A Propane Grill?

The best way to clean a propane grill is to first preheat your grill for around five minutes. By this point, the majority of any excess food should be burned off and you can brush these away with a kitchen roll.

Once it’s cooled enough to touch, take all removable pieces out (such as plates or drip trays) and put them in the dishwasher where they belong! Use oven cleaner on the grates if necessary before brushing these clean with soapy water and scrubbing with an old toothbrush. Finally, wipe down the exterior of your grill with warm water and leave it open to dry.

Where Should I Place My Propane Gas Grill?

You should place your propane gas grill on a flat surface that drains well. It needs to be underneath an outdoor grill or oven where it can vent freely into the air and away from any combustible material!

If you’re nervous about it setting alight then try placing some foil under the grill just in case, although this is generally not required.

What Volume Of Propane Should I Buy To Fit My Grill?

There is no correct volume of propane to buy when it comes to grills – in fact, you can usually get away with a lot less than what the manufacturer recommends and still have enough fuel to last an entire barbeque. This is because we tend to cook things much more thoroughly than they recommend and so use up all their fuel quicker!

How Often Do Propane Grills Explode?

For a propane grill to explode it first needs to be pressurised – only then will the gas inside build up enough pressure to cause an explosion. You should never use your grill if its pressure regulator is completely missing, as you cannot release any of this built-up gas and so it has nowhere to go.

One of the best ways to avoid explosions from pressing barbeques is by keeping them well maintained – make sure that all the ventilation holes are free from blockages or that there isn’t too much grease buildup that can ignite! If anything happens with your grill call the manufacturer straight away, they usually have a helpline with someone on hand who can help you out.

Why is smoke coming out of my propane gas grill?

If you’ve turned your propane gas grill on and smoke is coming out, first check all the seals to make sure they are tight. There’s a chance that your propane tank may not be connected properly or one of its valves isn’t fully open – disconnect it from the regulator and test it with another one just to double-check!

If none of this works then it might be as a result of too much grease building up on your grates which have been ignited by the heat – clean them regularly if this is something that happens often.

How Long Does A Propane Grill Last?

The lifespan of a such as grill is dependent on how well maintained it is and whether or not you’ve used it regularly. They’re pretty tough so will last for years, however, if the paint starts to look worn out or any pieces start rattling around then it could be time to replace them!

What Are The Most Common Propane Grill Sizes?

Propane grills come in a range of different sizes, with the most common coming in either the 4 or 6 burner varieties. The most popular size here is the 6 burner propane grill, which you can find rather easily online – Round Table Pizza (see above) stocks this model for example.

You can also buy smaller-sized propane gas grills if you have less space available on your patio. These are usually around 2-3 feet across and so are great for an average family looking to get barbequing! Before buying one of these be sure to check your local stores first, as they may well offer them at a cheaper rate than online sellers!

How Do Temperature-Related Propane Grill Explosions Occur?

Temperature-related propane grill explosions can occur if you build up too much pressure within the tank and then try to release it slowly. This is an important thing to avoid – while you’re cooking your meat on a barbeque always be sure that the regulator valves are fully open so you don’t get any of this buildup!

If there’s such a buildup and it all explodes at once, you could either turn off the gas completely or crack the lid open on your grill so that some of the gas can escape. You should never use electrical devices in damp areas, especially when cooking with a gas grill because even a small spark can set everything alight! Always keep a garden hose nearby in case something does happen for this very reason.

Can I Install A Rotisserie For My Propane Grill?

Yes, a rotisserie is a popular choice if you enjoy cooking with your grill and want to produce some of the most tender meat imaginable. However they have to be attached properly, so make sure it fits the tubes rather than just going for whatever brand is available at your local hardware store!

If you’re not sure what size or type of rotisserie you need then take a look online as many retailers will sell them with detailed specifications that allow you to match up all the right parts easier. It’s important that it doesn’t block any of the ventilation holes on either side as this might cause damage to its components.

What is the difference between liquid propane and propane?

Liquid propane is stored in canisters under pressure, whereas propane is stored as part of an unpressurized tank. Liquid propane comes with added lubricant to make it last longer and run more smoothly – if you use this type of grill regularly then it might be worth investing in a few canisters so you have them on hand just in case!

How do I compare the BTUs of gas grills?

The easiest way to work out how many BTUs your grill has compared to another is to take an average across all their features. The most common figures are roughly 3500BTU for small tabletop models or around 5000BTU for larger designs, but these numbers aren’t set in stone because every design will come with its own distinct specifications.

Should I Use Charcoal or Propane For Grilling?

This depends on what you’d prefer – charcoal is a cheaper alternative and cheaper to run but propane has the advantage of being easier to control and of giving off less of an odor. Both have their merits and it really comes down to personal preference! Of course, you’ll get better tasting meat when using charcoal but when time’s short this might not be the option for you!

How Do I Care For My Propane Grill?

After you’ve finished cooking with the propane grill, it’s important to take a few simple steps so you can extend its life as long as possible. Regularly scrubbing down the metal components will help reduce any smell from occurring, plus prevent the build-up of grease or oil remaining from past meals.

You should also be sure to keep your propane tank maintained and store it somewhere safe like in a shed or greenhouse – this makes it harder for children and animals to get at and protects it from damage if there’s an accident! Don’t forget that every now and then you’ll need to check how much gas remains inside too; removing the regulator screw cap allows you to fill up until the level reaches its maximum.

If you don’t look after your grill grates properly, they’ll work less effectively and begin to rust. They should be cleaned after every use to ensure the accumulated fat and food particles don’t become sticky and difficult to scrub away. You can use a small brush or steel wool for this purpose as well as baking soda if they’re looking particularly grimy!

It’s also important to replace your grill grates if they become severely worn, so it might be worth investing in a few spares just in case. This is an easy way to prevent the food from sticking which not only makes cleaning easier but helps remind you that you need to order some replacements!

Do I Need a Cover for My Propane Grill?

This really depends on whether or not your grill is sheltered from the rain, snow, and wind – if it’s not then you’ll definitely need to buy a cover as this will protect it from all weather conditions. You should remove the tank first before covering up because tapping into an empty tank can be dangerous! This ensures that your propane grill stays safe and secure no matter what time of year it is.

It might also be worth investing in some propane covers to stop dust and debris from getting inside and clogging up critical parts like those used for ignition. If you notice your grill isn’t working quite as well, you might want to consider checking all these critical spots for any obstructions that could be in the way.

Are Propane Grills Eco-Friendly?

Obviously using propane has an impact on the environment in its own right, but if it’s used properly then it can have a less harmful impact compared to other forms of grilling. The fact that they don’t require charcoal or lighter fluid means you’re not adding smoke or fumes into the atmosphere – so long as propane is kept safely stored away from children and animals there shouldn’t be cause for concern! This makes them great if you wish to avoid exposing yourself or others to potentially hazardous materials!

What Should I Grill On My Propane Grill?

The two best things to grill on a propane grill are steak and seafood. Other suitable options include chicken, vegetables, and even fruit! Any food which requires high heat is usually the perfect candidate since you want something which cooks up quickly without charring or burning – this way you can achieve that wonderful smoky flavor but without it being too potent for your guests to enjoy!


Propane grills are great for beginner chefs because they’re simple to set up and relatively easy to use. You don’t have to fiddle around with wood chips to get the best results, just turn it on! This minimalistic approach makes them perfect for everyday cooking when you just want something quick yet tasty, without having to invest too much time or effort into getting it right.

Propane grills are a great way of cooking outdoors and what’s more, they’re very easy to maintain. As you can see from this article, there’s plenty of ways you can keep your grill in good working order – so long as it remains clean and treated properly, it should last for many years to come!

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